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  1. It obviously will depend on the area you are cruising ,on 1st sailing for the storm we left Southampton and sheltered near Le Harve and on the 2nd it looks like you are just cruising the South Coast.
  2. See the disembarkation schedule for Southampton on 24th May 2021 info timings in relation to your Cabins/Aurea or Club Diamond Members, (sorry for it being a bit scruffy) personally for myself walked straight off at 0815 with no queues. img20210525_16434338.pdf
  3. I found that some passengers were moving the "no seating here signs" and just sitting down. Some staff were strict and got the passengers to move, whilst other staff just served you . This was frustrating as having chosen a safe seat only to find a passenger(s) with disrespect for MSC safety at sea to ignore and sitting next to you. If you are a large party the staff will willingly add seats to the safe seating area if that makes sense. There is always going to be someone who will ignore the rules which causes annoyance to other passengers. MSC are family orientated and the only bar/lounge which was adults only was the Sky bar on MSC Virtuosa
  4. Not a clue about other passengers insurance however, I think a can of worms could be opened, between the insurance companies fighting which company is going to pay which part on a claim if made. Far better to use one Insurance company and be fully covered as advised by the cruise company. It's really easy just to follow the required instructions.
  5. MSC UK would not let you board unless you had correct COVID cover insurance and checked all passengers policies prior to dropping off luggage , They would assist you to get the correct COVID required insurance before boarding however,
  6. I thought that todays TV's had a setting whereby if no communication between the handset and TV within a set time which is set in the settings the TV will switch off. Perhaps that particular TV had the settings accidentally altered. I thought the TV control was confusing and a shame that no Web Cam view of the outside bow was available.
  7. I was unable to change devices, log out of my iPhone and re log into my iPad. The wifi was only available on the device iPhone I used to register. I was able to use my iPhone as a Hotspot for the MSC wifi for use with my iPad.
  8. Yes I have the Premium Package and have had no problem even ordering 2 drinks at a time. The staff are making mistakes as I ordered two bottles of water from market place and the charge was £25. I checked with customer services the following morning but it had Been shown £0 on my account .
  9. For those in inside cabins, one thing that is disappointing is no Web cam stream showing the bow view on the TV .
  10. I can use a hotspot on my data package, using MSC Wi-fi but not able to use 2nd device with the registered details I used on the device I registered with . Someone asked that question earlier
  11. Wi-fi, I have only managed to get Wi-fi on the iPhone I registered with, if I log out and then try to use iPad it will not let me . I can use My iPhone as a hotspot however.
  12. The 5% + 5% with €50 was an offer on MSC Web page through the Voyages Club section at the bottom of the page the discounts got showed at time of booking and obc added https://www.msccruises.co.uk/manage-booking/msc-voyagers-club/msc-club-pax-type-55
  13. The 50 is €. £43.22
  14. There are sheltered areas outside at City Cruise Terminal . http://www.broxapdesignandbuild.com/projects/city-cruise-terminal-forecourt-southampton/
  15. I think it was the CDC's ruling that no back to back cruises to be allowed. I know the CDC has no say in the UK but the cruise lines perhaps are trying to stick to some sort of standard.
  16. Yes believe table service only .
  17. Select your account top right of screen, select account settings then when page loads, look at left hand side of page and select signature then delete what you have typed in the signature box and save. then hopefully what you have showed under the Quote and like buttons will have been deleted.
  18. All Southampton Cruise Terminals are fairly modern having had revamps over the years , with Horizon Berth 102 being the newest Build.
  19. You are logging into the app with the log in details you supplied when registering. see https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/online-services/nhs-log-in/
  20. You both would need to register for the NHS app as you would both have different NHS numbers. However once registered you could log in on your phone/tablet with whatever log in details you have registered.
  21. Although the Underwriter is AXA it does not necessary mean that Co-op Bank has the same insurance cover as Cover for you.
  22. It shows the upgrade if you use the MSC for me app it also shows the upgrade when you log in to the website, select your cruises then beverages from the top menu
  23. Here are a couple of screen shots of My GP. I do not think it is that good so will be relying on the Official NHS App version when it is available 17th May. My GP will not allow screen shots as shown
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