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  1. Exit from Platform 4 at Southampton Central Station Click the link below https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Southampton+Central,+Southampton+SO15+1GP/City+Cruise+Terminal,+101,+Berth,+Western+Docks,+Herbert+Walker+Ave,+Southampton+SO15+1HJ/@50.9036656,-1.4186266,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x487476bb0a185387:0xb3aa3f6dae39b547!2m2!1d-1.413989!2d50.9072715!1m5!1m1!1s0x487476b8bb188961:0x2e8004abdbec5986!2m2!1d-1.4141004!2d50.9000994!3e2
  2. Yes in all inside areas unless seated
  3. Well according to the MD Antonio Paradiso UK, They have made a few touches for UK Guests, Currency in £ sterling, Kettles will be in each cabin and a Roast together with English Breakfast will be available each day including Black Pudding , whilst the ship is sailing UK until September, however he did say MSC will never be like P&O also the great Mediterranean dishes and MSC Pizza and Pasta dishes will still be there. 😁
  4. also this re Vaccination re Crew https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/crew-crewing/msc-cruises-begins-vaccinating-crew-europe-and-us-rollout-plan-inoculate-full-fleet
  5. MSC is MSC, if you wish an English Cruise ship then P&O/Fred and Cunard is for you. Same as German Cruise ship is Aida. When in Rome and all that, Why should the Brits change their customs 😀 This is why I think MSC get bad write up reports by the Brits, Its not a British Cruise Line.
  6. I have asked what proof MSC require on checkin re fully vaccinated and been informed. Quote Please be advised that proof required for both vaccinations is the vaccination NHS card showing vaccine batch and date you received. end quote
  7. Rather do it myself, only takes a few seconds to download and send the email . I know it's done then, rather than involving a third person.
  8. You should be able to access your account with eToro like I can with HL, I just down load my statement from their website as shown, cross out the account number, leaving my name and attach to the email I send to Cunard.
  9. ii may charge for a Transfer but it may be cheaper then selling shares and the re buying. Worth contacting Hargreaves Lansdown or Equuinity first. I know HL do not charge and all you need is an updated pdf file from your online account attached to the email you send to Carnival showing your 100 share minimum. Its very easy.
  10. Obviously other insurance companies, like staysure and avanti, (Both same companies, TICORP Ltd ) may cover for UK Cruises and Cruises to nowhere, but you need to have the necessary cover for the line on which you are travelling. You need to shop around or use a broker. Those questions and clarification by cover for you are really useful when asking around and help to ensure that you have the correct cover.
  11. This Post started by you has certainly highlighted the discrepancies in Travel Insurance, What is and not covered especially for UK Cruises. I am sure many think they are covered when in fact they will not be. The Travel Insurance which comes with Bank accounts are not the only ones that may not cover UK Cruises. One Really has to check. Thank you for your post on highlighting the situation. I bet a few passengers will not be fully covered and could end up with a mega bill for onboard medical expenses if taken ill. Also when travelling some policies need minimum two nights booked on a ship whilst others don't. Wonder what the implications of a Ferry journey would mean. going off topic.
  12. I would be a bit worried about the "Pre Authorised" bit. Would that cover medical expenses on Board, ? or a medivac to say France or Ireland if UK Coast Guard were unavailable ? Some Insurance companies actually state emergency medical costs onboard will be covered for UK only Cruises. like the info here https://www.coverforyou.com/content/important-information-coastal-cruise-apr-2021-v1.pdf
  13. Southampton Central Railway Station, South Western Railway to Woking, then Coach from outside Woking station to Heathrow Terminals is the easiest by Public Transport . You can purchase all in ticket. Can Always do the complete journey by coach from Southampton Coach Station.
  14. Perhaps then it could be accepted by them. All a minefield at the moment. Would save having to pay the outrageous fees that these private companies have been charging travellers for tests, Although I think Heathrow Airport pre booked tests have been the cheapest available .
  15. I thought the rapid lateral flow tests sent out to your home address or collected from a pharmacy for you to do 2 tests per week give the result within 30mins at home. Therefore no official documentation will be text or emailed to you. So I can not see how you could use them as proof of a negative test with 72 hrs and supply the necessary documentation in duplicate to MSC
  16. I am under the impression that for those without 2 jabs they will need to pay for a 72hrs PCR negative test prior to sailing date with result in duplicate and all passengers will be subject to a Rapid lateral flow test at the cruise terminal courtesy of MSC.
  17. I think most surgeries already have an app (either their own or one they have linked with ) to show your medical record with your date and vaccine. Mine does. These apps also link to your NHS record anyway were your jabs are listed. Find out in a few months what is required.
  18. To be honest the card is only useful to Remind the patient of their dates and batch number. Hopefully it will not nor should be used as official ID of having had the vaccine. Showing your medical record that you have had the vaccine in an app is more secure but not everyone would be willing no doubt, or would be app savvy. I remember when we had to have a typhoid jab and certificate stamped by the doctor which would be no different to a vaccine passport. But then most things can be faked. Even Passports. Just needs staff to find the forgeries. Would not be surprised if there is not already a database for cross referencing for agencies to check. Like the DVLC let private companies have your address.
  19. Actually that could be quite feasible about batch numbers and date of birth, as Travel Insurance Companies can get and do get access to your medical Records. As regards a third dose, that quite possibly will come as a booster, but we are presently in uncharted waters re a 3rd jab yet. Even a Doctors letter or similar should be cheaper than having to pay for a Test 72hrs before travelling. Perhaps it will just be that NHS card showing Batch and dates. Don't forget that MSC have been sailing for a few months in Europe, with only a few guests showing signs of Covid, so will be interesting what they will be need for the UK market.
  20. Quote MSC VIRTUOSA – UK SAILINGSFor MSC Virtuosa’ sailings around the British Isles in the upcoming months, we will initially welcome only UK residents of all ages, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. All unvaccinated or partially vaccinated guests (i.e did not receive the full set of vaccine shots) will need to take a PCR (molecular) or antigen (lateral flow) swab test within 72 hours prior to the ship’s departure. The test results certificate must be printed in two copies and presented at the terminal in order to embark on the ship. The test is not required for fully-vaccinated (proof of vaccination needed) or under 2 years old guests. However, as per our stringent MSC Health & Safety protocol, all guests both vaccinated and unvaccinated, will need to undergo some Health and COVID 19 screenings including a COVID 19 swab test, a health questionnaire and a contactless temperature check, before boarding the ship. End quote. Will be interesting to see what proof of having had both doses of vaccine will be required
  21. My TA informed me 31st March stating all Magnifica sailings were cancelled ex Southampton and stated MSC were offering re book on Virtuosa for additional £250 obc or rebook another voyage with additional €200 obc. or refund of all monies paid.
  22. MSC only shows the Discounted Price after you have selected your cruise date/Category and press the selected tab and then entered your voyages number. If you do a dummy booking without entering your voyages number you will see the higher price. The discount is not shown separately.
  23. On the first set of Cancellations last year MSC refunded within 3 months.
  24. I think you will find that the date has been moved forward for accounting purposes only, after that date it will no longer be visible. The NAR cruise has probably been cancelled. You will be advised of a Possible FCC or additional spend or details how to claim refund.
  25. This is from The MSC Grandiosa and may give a glimpse to Covid safety sailings on MSC Virtuosa
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