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  1. Re in bursed or keeping the Ponzi cruising scheme going ? 😄 I have stopped booking except for 1 but may book a UK though. Just stopped booking fed up with it, trying to keep track of cancelled and monies owed, just would be nice to be back cruising though.
  2. On the MSC Deck Plan for us in the UK it is shown as a Partial View. Same on the New Virtuosa
  3. My travel agent has advised me of this, that MSC are offering three options, these are as follows: 1. Rebook on the new sailings around the British Isles onboard MSC Virtuosa that are on sale from 1st April. These sailings will begin to depart from 12th June 2021 for 7 nights. This will include a non-refundable on-board credit of £250.00 per cabin which will be applied to your new reservation. We will be able to advise of new pricing. 2. Rebook onto a later sailing with MSC. MSC will be issuing new vouchers in early May that you can use to rebook, with an additional benefit of a non-refundable on board credit of €200 euros per cabin which will be applied to the new reservation once made. The new voucher can be applied to any new reservation they make for any of our sailings currently on sale. 3. Refund of all monies paid.
  4. If Zenith is the Highest on board that line then it should be Diamond with MSC
  5. The only thing to be aware of is your Cruise Insurance, as some stipulate you need a port of call ! Make sure you are covered, Evacuation if needed could be expensive !
  6. I believe it is 5% after you have entered your membership number
  7. When you log in to the MSC voyages club https://www.msccruises.co.uk/my-msc/msc-voyager-club It shows your membership level, and your membership number and past cruises , my Diamond membership shows expires 05/2022 I know this got extended, have been trying to book another cruise within the 3 year period but all get cancelled due to COVID. MSC seem very fair with regards to their membership .
  8. Wonder if MSC will offer the sailings to those booked already on the Norway Vacations in June/July or probably Cancel and have to rebook , probably easier.
  9. ABTA today have just repaid the deposit for a Cancelled May 2020 cruise due to them going into liquidation.
  10. Renewed my passport through a Post office that did Digital renewal. Very Easy . The whole process back in August took 10 days from Post Office to receiving a New British Passport. Thought the extra Cost of £16 extremely good as it included the photo and cost of returning my old passport. Able to track whole process on line,
  11. Not familiar with "Mask exempt" reasons, but why not wear a Visor to help protect fellow travellers ?
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