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  1. Isolating 2 infected people on a boat full of vaccinated people is the dumbest idea ever. They think this is a good idea but now people know that you are one test away from being locked in your cabin like a prisoner on the RCCL Alcatraz. The odds of fully vaccinated to fully vaccinated transmission is actually 1/35,000 x 1/35,000 according to the odds. At best you can argue they are not allowed in to port but the rest of the ship is no more risk than people going to port and meeting with infected people in the port.
  2. you have to ask for it and it was valid from what i can tell until 8th April when they cancelled some cruises
  3. Just tried to get 125% credit for the drinks package i bought. Been told that latest cancellations are not included in this offer. So they want to give me a refund instead.... At least i got the Lift and shift and kept the 700 USD credit i already had.
  4. How do you plan on only meeting vaccinated people in ports? Your rant is so full of holes that it just sounds like someone living in fear despite being vaccinated.
  5. Well i refused to pay them and they chased me for payment 3 times and then i got the email to Cancel. HAHA RCCL i win. Nice try. Ill keep my 700 USD credit and Lift and shift thank you very much.
  6. after a long conversation with RCCL today they said they cant delay payment. But they will let me keep $200 of the $350 OBC per week even if i take the FCC to buy a different cruise. I nearly booked next year on Odyssey back to back but ive worked out that i can get 2 weeks in Mexico for less money with better food and more stuff to do. Its starting to dawn on me that Drinks packages, Dining packages and flights are adding up to double the cost of what i used to pay for a cruise. It seems that each year they make less effort to so maybe its time to relegate cruising t
  7. Royal just had the cheek to email me and tell me my final payment for July is overdue. My cruise is overdue by over a year, thank you very much. Im tempted to just get a total refund rather than let them keep my money for a year because there is no way July is sailing and at this rate neither with August at least in Europe. I have a feeling they will be giving away Allure 2022 anyway because the price is already low so Lift and Shift isnt much cop either.
  8. Royal should delay final payment unless they know 100% they are or are not sailing. This is a disgraceful way to run a business. They should held liable for incidental losses due to negligence also.
  9. its rubbish no science supports masks. plenty of studies say minimal benefit only in very limited scenarios.
  10. Royal are taking the piss with these cruises they know full well wont sail.
  11. I dunno how you can eat royals food on 16 cruises. I struggle with 14 nights a year.
  12. difference is now 3 months seem to be cancelled.
  13. Maybe, but there is no real logic right now. You cant plan anything based on what is likely because they are not following any logical method of what is safe and what isnt
  14. Not only that Every cruise in Europe is currently off the menu unless you want to Isolate for 10 days and get 3 Covid tests at your cost. If you step foot in one Amber list country then those rules apply. Even if you are just transiting for a flight lol
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