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  1. Did you book by a US TA? Ive never seen that offered by anyone in the UK.
  2. only 4 med cruises are listed in the eskimo house in the UK. weird
  3. My cruise planner is acting funky. Somehow they have moved 1 b2b from the Med to Miami and the other shows cancelled...
  4. Maybe its changed but in resort it wasnt well enforced in the hotels i was looking at. Its a real problem for me as i carry out air quality testing in hospitals and i KNOW for a fact masks dont do anything to the volume of virus in the air and i have the test certificates to prove it. Even N95 masks dont reduce the total viral load in the air but they do help protect the nurses and doctors if they have goggles on.
  5. If the UK had not put Mexico on the Red list i would rather be there not wearing one at all. Being forced to wear them sucks. Especially when its hot its the worst. Im just hoping that in 11 months things will change but we were saying that a year ago.
  6. With the exception of only 1 flowrider the ship looks amazing. I did hear a women on the radio describe the mask situation onboard and she said she would never sail again until they stop it. She said the rules are dumb, dont make any sense and totally spoilt the cruise and the staff acted like the gestapo. I went to Madrid last week and their mask rules are equally stupid and ruthlessly enforced but at least 90% of the time you can fiddle it so you never wear one. Ended up only wearing on the way to and from the toilet. A Public toilet is the only place im grateful i have an N95 mask though. I would have sailed on Anthem if not for the masks and poor UK summer we have had.
  7. FINALLY SOME GOOD LUCK. Booked the Amped Allure - Cancelled Moved to Harmony 2021 - Cancelled Moved to Beat up old Allure 2022 with no Amp - Cancelled Upgraded to Wonder for 2020 Pricing! About time something good happens. Now all we need is no stupid masks and normalcy returning to travel. Best news is its 2 weeks b2b!
  8. This is why you ALWAYS pay by credit car for at least 100 pounds. Take them to small claims court to get your money back.
  9. Ill be positive when they drop the silly restrictions that dont work. I can live with a test and vaccine but the other stuff does nothing. They have 12 months until i sail again On Anthem so there is time but im not getting hopes up..
  10. They are giving away cruises on Harmony for Sept. It must be totally empty because ive never seen a week for £4xx Looks like nightmare plague ship restrictions are great for sales lol. Unless some common sense returns to the world Cruise lines are going bust at this rate.
  11. Unless they can reformulate these vaccines for this Delta and knock it down to a cold the future of cruising is looking VERY problematic. Just cant see them ever making money again if masks, testing and reduced capacity are not going away and its not looking likely.
  12. That is the difference between UK and other places like Spain or Majorca etc. But they do pay 2200 pounds for the pleasure. Which is more than 14 days all inc in mexico.
  13. Could be worse. Could be positive on way home and they wont let you fly and lock you inside a hostel like a prison and feed you worse than a dog for 14 days like they do in some european countries. And yes its THAT bad.
  14. You do realise they have these things call vaccines now dont you? Ruby Princess is now impossible on ships with vaccinated staff and passengers. There will be more old people croaking it on these ships from their usual heart attacks than covid... Should we lock them away from the bar and buffet in case they have a coronary?
  15. Royal wont bat an eye lid? They are losing billions per month. In debt up to their eye balls and there is no end in sight of this virus. They cannot profitably run their business currently so maybe they wont care about 1 or 2 people but when the ships are empty and they stay empty they will care. Also my GPS location is not tracked on my phone because its turned off when not in use. My phone will not come and lock me up and force me in to quarantine because i was in the same room as someone who caught the virus. I wont have my liberty taken from me for 2 weeks by my vehicle and i wont be paying for the pleasure of it with my own money either! The reason they are "tracking" you is so they can lock you up to protect their business. They dont give a monkey about you or your health. They wont be tracking me because i wont be paying to visit their prison ships!
  16. I wont be tracked like a criminal on gps tag. If its anything like other RCCL tech it wont work anyway so will be useless and ultimately pointless.
  17. Why should she given them an interest free loan of her money? All royal has to do is press a button and the money gets refunded. How about stop selling cruises they know have no way of sailing and collecting final payments... How about start acting like a decent company instead of a bunch of fraudsters hiding behind T&C's.
  18. Thats only because the PCR test was never designed for this use. The test doesnt even confirm the presence of live virus. Only that its present Some people i know tested positive via Antigen and then tested themselves daily and they tested negative after 4 days. Which was roughly 8 days after exposure. All of this is pointless anyway as exposure is good to keep the immune system primed. Its clear to me that hiding from it really doesnt do you much good and its going nowhere for years if ever.
  19. Well the rest of the world seems to manage it fine. You only really need to isolate until you test negative anyway. Im at the point where you dont need to isolate at all because the symptoms are now so mild for secondary infection and the sooner everyone treats this like any other illness the better off everyone will be. On a cruise it should just be treated like Norovirus and 2 days in your cabin on your balcony and you should be fine to rejoin everyone else.
  20. None of this make any sense what so ever. An infection after vaccine is less serious than Flu with no vaccine. They treat covid positive like you are a bio hazard that can wipe out the ship population. A ship full of vaccinated cannot become a super spreader event. At worst some people might leave the ship with a bad cold. Until they start to normalise the response to this virus these companies are going to be losing money hand over fist. At best you could stay in your cabin or hotel on land and wait until you test negative from a Rapid Antigen test twice in 1 day. Then you are good to leave the following day.
  21. The issue is how do you live life going forward? Socially distanced with a mask on? Its all theatre to play to the utterly scared shirtless crowd. You still didnt answer the question on the lifts. Doesnt matter how far you eat your meal from someone or if someone has some underpants on their head. As soon as you get in that lift its all worthless. The entire population of the ship will use the lift on average 10x per day. Same with the ships bathrooms. How do you plan on going on a coach in the future? Maybe Disney are just more realistic about the type of measures that actually work. Testing and vaccines. Nothing else make any difference.
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