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    On board the Carnival Paradise

    Take care of the ship. I am boarding her on Monday.
  2. captianjscann

    Cabin with 2 uppers

    My cabin shows that is has two twin beds and two uppers. As I am just traveling with my wife we will have beds placed together. Do the uppers stay in place or are you able to fold them into the wall?
  3. captianjscann

    U209 Carnival Paradise

    Has anyone stayed in U209 on the Paradise? Wonderign if it is a nice cabin. I upgraded from a no window room on the Riveria Deck.
  4. captianjscann

    Carnival paradise

    I cruise on 09-12-11 and I just purchased my alcohol from Bon Voyage. Paid 55.00 for Jack Daniels and 40.00 for Vodka. I figured why try and sneak stuff on the ship. Just be honest and have the bottles waiting for us in our room. I am really looking forward to sailing away (and being buzzed while doing it)!!!
  5. captianjscann

    Carnival paradise

    Does anyone have any comments about the Carnival Paradise? I am sailing September 12th on her and I have heard many a mixed review. My main thing honestly is do they have good food, good buffet? Looking forward to my week of doing nothing.
  6. captianjscann

    Packing a bottle of alcohol

    So I will be sailing in September and would like to pack a medium size bottle of Jack Daniels to take with me and drink in my state room. If I pack the bottle into my checked suitcase do you think I should be okay? Thanks
  7. captianjscann

    Elation in 24 hours!

    My only advise is for you to have fun. You will have a blast. Just sit by the pool, eat, then eat some more. The french fries are good at the grill.
  8. captianjscann

    Just returned from Carnival Elation

    The dinning room food was great when we sailed the exception was in the buffet. The buffet food was terrible and a big dissapointment. The buffet name is Tiffanys and we ended up calling it digust-a-ny's. The selection was bad, the food over seasoned or not seasoned enough. This is not coming from food snobs we love buffets just like the rest of America; but make no mistake this is not good. I hope Carnival will address this because I would think to cruise another line for this reason alone. Food to me is so much a part of the cruise experience.
  9. captianjscann

    Just off the Elation

    To answer the question on Walgreens. No there is not a Walgreens near the cruise terminal but there is a Longs Drugs at Horton Plaza a short walk from the terminal. As far as the cruise review. I was on the Elation 06/28 (boy feels like a long time ago). And I found the food at the buffet to be somewhat on the horrible side. The selection was so so and the food did not seem fresh. For dinner the dessert choices were slim to none. That was the worst part of the cruise. Dinning room the food was great but stay away from that buffet. And dont get me started on the brekafast in there (Dennys would have been better).
  10. captianjscann

    shows on the Elation

    I was on the Elation June 28th and the shows were pretty lame. They had a show called Spin and it was a singing program geared to various US locations like NY etc... Tina is now the cruise director and I did not think she was very good. I had heard many good things about Stuart Dunn and he had left prior to our cruise. Tina was new so maybe she was not comfortable with the ship yet. She was not very engaging.
  11. captianjscann

    Carnival Elation Review

    As far as the sea being rough. I did experience some rough seas and probably the size of the Elation allows us to feel them more. Elation is a smaller ship but give it a couple hours and you are used to the movement. Getting off of the ship in Cabo and Ensenada should not worry anyone. The Mexican people rely on the cruisers to come into town and stimulate the local economy so there is no real danger. You have to be able to say NO as the peddlers can be aggressive. Just say no thank you and move on. If I forgot anything please feel free to email me at Cannon.j@sbcglobal.net. I would be glad help anyone that is taking the Elation cruise. Please enjoy Cabo, I found Cabo to be a great place to enjoy and the water is so warm. Jeff
  12. captianjscann

    Carnival Elation Review

    As far as the remodel to the ship, it has not yet happened. The ship did look nice and had been update in 2002?? It looked great and the pool area is just fine. The sandwich shop was in the buffet area near the pizza station and offered great product. As far as attire goes. Formal night I saw people wearing dress type shorts so I think it is anything goes in the dinning room. The shows on the ship were entertaining enough but they were not Las Vegas style shows. My 16 year old daughter lauged several times during the shows thinking them to be dorky.. Overall this is a great and fun cruise experience and a very layed back feel on the ship. I think this is a total relaxation cruise.
  13. captianjscann

    Carnival Elation Review

    I loved Cabo the water was awesome. The weather was nice for most of our cruise with the exception of one cooler morning. Cabo weather was warm I would say hi 90's. We ate at the Office which was a resurant right on the beach in Cabo. Food was so so but the view was wonderful. The Wave Runner was 80.00 per hour and it ranged from 90.00 to 80.00 depending on the vendor. The wave runner was the trips high notes, riding up next to the cruise ship was cool. Any questions ask away. And let me know when you retunr what you thought of the cruise. Jeff
  14. captianjscann

    Carnival Elation Review

    The elation did have omlettes and waffles. They were both good.
  15. captianjscann

    Carnival Elation Review

    Carnival Elation Cruise June 28th-July 3rd Embarkation: San Diego is an awesome city to leave from. It was so easy getting on and off of the ship. I have boarded ships in San Pedro and found the process much more difficult. San Diego also offers an incredible back drop to pull away from and come home too. Ship Condition: Elation was a nice ship. The crew were always cleaning and trying to keep the ship looking nice. I do have to take issue with the passengers (some of them) for their disregard for the ship and her crew. I was amazed at the amount of cups/plates/glasses left lying around for the crew to pick up. People you are on vacation but that does not mean a vacation from humanity! Fun: Cabo San Lucas was a blast. I recommend renting a wave runner it was soooo fun. Ensenada was okay. Ensenada offered more shopping than Cabo and I hate to shop. Both ports were fun in their own way. Crew: I found the crew to be not as friendly has my past cruise experiences. The room stewards were awesome and nice but buffet and support staff seemed tired and not interested in passenger niceties. God bless them though as I could never do their jobs. Food: This is where I have to take issue with Carnival. I will say that taste is subjective so what I found good or bad someone may disagree. The good first. Dinning room food was great, dinners were very tasty. The appetizers, mains, and desserts were top of the line in my opinion. Buffet, oh my god! The food was terrible and I mean terrible. I am an avid fan of buffet eating and like food in general so I am not a picky eater but this stuff??? Selection was very limited for all meals, food was overly salty tasting. I think Carnival should really focus on bringing a more quality product to the buffet there was much room for improvement. Grill, pizza and sandwiches were really good. I have cruised on Royal Caribbean and found the food in the buffet to be much better than Carnival was on this trip. Any questions please ask away.