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  1. When you are booked in the Haven you get priority tender OFF the ship; but does anyone know if you get priority tender back on the ship at the private islands.... Great Stirrup Caye and Harvest Caye?
  2. THANK YOU, great information!
  3. Have you had a dinner with the officers? Just curious why you don't feel inclined to take advantage of said perk.
  4. We are going to be in port in January from 4:00pm to midnight; wondering what experiences previous cruisers could provide that would fit into this time line. Maybe your favorite bar, restaurant, night club? Late afternoon shopping. Evening city or island tour? We are open to all ideas! Thanks
  5. @Sthrngary Very much appreciate your posting and attachment of the Haven review. I have had the pleasure of one Haven cruise as myself and all those that traveled with me won't cruise unless we have the resources to utilize the Haven. Very few vacation experiences offer the high degree of service versus price; offered in the Haven. My 1st concierge service on NCL was in 2000. My concierge had a simple philosophy; If you don't ask I can't do it for you. She was fabulous and made the trip all the much better. Our second cruise with the concierge wasn't so great. She was leaving the shi
  6. Thanks for taking the time to post this info! You got some really low premiums compared to the ones I've seen. At those prices it seems like a simple choice to add the piece of mind to your travels.
  7. Great example of when insurance comes in handy. Reading your description of using it 2 out of four times, what would you say your net cost has been; insurance premiums of all trips versus expenses paid by the insurance?
  8. If you look at other angles of the epic you will see equipment does not block the window. While this is the normal traveling position for the equipment you should not notice it unless you look aft from the window.
  9. Here is another angle of the equipment. This is the normal traveling position of the window washing unit. As you can see from this angle it does not actually block the window however you would likely be able to see it if you looked aft from the window.
  10. Maybe add some smiley faces or tongue in cheek emojis. A good laugh is worth it but wasted if you don't convey it.
  11. So you think NCL should give out points for cruises that were cancelled due to no fault of their own! I've experienced several cancellations during the Covid lockdown, mostly airline cancellations. They don't give you the miles for cancelled flights. Some are not giving refunds, only vouchers and then I experience even more cancelled flights. In addition, NCL loyalty rewards and RCL's rewards programs don't begin to compare, looking at the rewards from RCL, no wonder they can give points away. I can't begin to understand the position of people wanting something for nothing and compla
  12. I live in Montana, most plane travel here is for fun, recreation, vacation. With Covid the need to go to the office or travel for business has diminished greatly. I think the big difference is planes are basically or simply transportation, while cruises are transportation, housing, entertainment, dining and shopping all wrapped up into one. CDC can get away stopping cruise as the pressure to be able to cruise is drastically different than the pressure from the public if flights were all cancelled.
  13. Trip insurance, as with all insurance, is to transfer the risk in entirety or partially IN THE EVENT a covered event occurs. Thousands if not millions of people have successfully completed cruises and other vacations without trip insurance or making a claim on trip insurance. The decision to purchase trip insurance should factor in are you willing and able to accept and absorb the risk and costs if a covered event occurs. Another factor to consider is does the purchase of insurance provide you an additional and important piece of mind knowing the risks are transferred to the insurance co
  14. I've only been in the Deluxe Owner's suite on the Getaway. I don't recall a second bedroom The suite holds four, but two are on the pull out couch. The room will adjoin a courtyard penthouse suite, effectively creating a second room; but of course at an additional charge.
  15. The new terminal by all the accounts I have read is very close to completion. The Letter assigned will be "Cruise Terminal B" Can't help with the trolley question as I have yet to cruise from Miami... looking forward to it in 2021. portmiami-map.pdf
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