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  1. Other posters have done a great job in describing Okinawa and Naha, including pictures. I lived just north of Naha for 2 years, way prior to the digital age. And before the monorail was constructed. I enjoyed seeing the photos for a trip down memory lane.
  2. Thanks to all for posting photos of the towns reachable from Livorno. Have been to Florence, Siena, and San Gimignano and enjoyed all tremendously. The photos brought back such happy memories. And the gelato was so wonderful. I liked the way they could get as many flavors as you liked into a single serving.
  3. No ship is going to sail until it is possible to enter other countries. Don’t see that happening any time soon.
  4. Yes, but only if masks are not required and only if passengers can explore ports on their own.
  5. Thanks to everyone for posting their photos and recollections of Juneau. I was there once on HAL and once on Celebrity. HAL was better. Anyway, the photos and recollections brought back happy memories of the Mendenhall glacier and the whale watching excursion. We saw orcas, dolphins, otters, and a bear.
  6. Thanks to all who posted their memories and photos of their Edinburgh visits. It was like visiting all over again! I was there ages ago on the Maasdam, one stop on a wonderful port-filled cruise.
  7. Over. We have not heard of any progress toward meeting CDC environmental requirements that were a problem pre-pandemic.
  8. Thanks to all who posted photos of Rouen. It was a great place to visit.
  9. Cruisepuck’s detailed blog is like taking a Nile cruise all over again! Great photos and narrative bring back happy memories. One recollection I have is men wearing traditional dress (galabeya) riding donkeys while talking on their cellphones. Tradition and technology.
  10. I enjoyed visiting Cairo in conjunction with a Nile River cruise. The pyramids and Sphinx were fascinating. I took a camel ride, which was surprisingly comfortable. The museum of antiquities was fabulous, too much to take in all at once.
  11. Oslo is an excellent port, starting with the view of the fortress at the dock. Much more attractive than many docking locations. The Norsk Folkmuseum was an interesting collection of buildings from all over Norway showing how Norwegians have lived over the centuries.
  12. Takamatsu seems like a very worthwhile port call with its castle and beautiful Japanese garden as seen in google search. The photos posted by dailyites are always better than what can be seen on the internet. The photos posted today of Japan were interesting. The Shinkansen was an amazing experience for me. It was nice to be reminded.
  13. Introducing the port of the day makes the Daily an even better space to check out every day. It is an opportunity to learn about interesting places that perhaps I will never visit. It is also an opportunity to recall places that I have been and enjoyed. I appreciate all the photos and accompanying comments.
  14. The drink of the day sounds good. It would be great to have one on board a ship. Though it has been a long time since I visited Grand Cayman, I remember the fabulous diving and the stingray adventure. The island seemed to have a higher standard of living than some other Caribbean ports.
  15. Funny! I don’t think there were any partakers on my cruise.
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