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  1. I work in a nursing home and we have been given (and continue to receive) a huge number of Binax now tests. We use them for testing our residents and guests. I know they're acceptable by Carnival, but it is our nurse that is administering the test. I wonder if Carnival would allow a sworn statement from the nurse on our letterhead. That would certainly make it easier on me before we leave.
  2. The people in hospitals are overwhelmingly those who have not contracted covid before.... Look at Israel's data who has the world's leading vaccination rate. The last I saw 50% of the people in the hospital there were vaccinated with Pfizer. Natural immunity is always best.
  3. False. Antibodies due to natural immunity may go away over time but T-cells have long-term memory and are activated when infected naturally. Mrna vaccines are not thought to activate Tcells, which means when the antibodies go away, the effectiveness goes away. I'm pretty sure that eventually it will come out that the J&J vaccine (based on more traditional vaccine base) will be much more effective over the long term.
  4. I don't know that there's any provision for recovery after infection. I didn't see any in their official policies.... and yes you can test positive for months, depending on the type of test and (if pcr) the number of cycles it's put through. It is completely unfair that nobody is giving credit for past infection, when that has been demonstrated to be the best protection against the virus.
  5. Even though the CDC guidance and all the testing data available shows that brief contact in an enclosed area does not transmit the virus. It needs to be close contact for an extended period of time. Going to the bathroom, getting gas, etc is not going to get anyone sick.
  6. You are correct that PCR tests mostly do not present false positives, but that is a recent development. PCR tests are run through cycles where the specimen concentration doubles each run through. Initially, each lab was doing a different number of cycles. I've heard as many as 42 or 43 cycles. Finally, the CDC said a positive test was at 28 cycles. There have been a lot of people who tested positive via PCR test that were never exposed to enough to make them sick or contagious. A cynical person might conclude that the CDC changed testing cycle requirements to reduce the number of positives so the vaccines might be shown to work better.... but that's a conspiracy theory.
  7. Blerk. This is a HUGE milestone. You and I agree on something 🙂
  8. CDC Guidance says that people who drive to the port do not need to quarantine in the port city. The biggest risk to cruising is testing positive, being quarantined in a room until the next port stop. At that point, you risk being disembarked at a foreign port with no way to drive home.
  9. That is absolutely true. Depending on the number of cycles the lab runs the PCR test through can certainly extend positive results. I had a resident at my job get covid in July and tested positive through November.
  10. Thank you. What I'm seeing on here is the same as I've seen in most reporting. They are calling this a spike, which is correct but can be misleading. A 100% increase from 10 cases is 20. Yes it's a spike, yes it's 100% increase but still not worrisome. One child suffering is a tragedy but I don't think 135 kids in the hospital in TX is a major health crisis.
  11. That would only be the case if every person that contracts the virus was identified, which we all know if false. Not to mention, I pray we aren't shooting ourselves in the foot with these vaccines. We may inadvertently be causing the virus to mutate by insisting as many vaccinations as possible so quickly while the virus is spreading.
  12. From the data I've seen, the vaccines are not preventing people from getting the Delta variant or from transmitting it. It's only really preventing people from getting really sick.
  13. Good. I'm trying to get ahold of my pvp to do the same thing. Thanks for the info.
  14. I personally don't care in the least. I assume they will still sail, but without me. I'm not paying all this money to wear a mask indoor and on the islands.... not gonna happen.
  15. I heard in Amber Cove that the pool area is not enforcing masks but in the shops at the pier they are.. That just means we will stay on the ship.. Hopefully we can get off at HMC without masks.
  16. The CDC would not agree with you. Vaxxed and unvaxxed peeps can have the same viral load and be just as contagious as the other. No difference in transmission.
  17. Well with the most typical Delta variant symptoms (for those that have symptoms) are a runny nose, sneezing and cough.... I would say pretty easily that covid became the common cold for vaccinated people.
  18. Nevermind the people that have died from taking the vaccine.
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