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  1. When you say the difference on deck 10 is noticeable regarding size, in regards to where and what? Is the guest bathroom off the foyer area smaller?
  2. I spoke with someone at Oceania who stated that the top three suites would have hot tubs on the deck and that the Owner's Suite would have a piano. He said to keep in mind that they didn't show everything in the pics.
  3. I'm confused. Per Oceania website it says you can bring 6 bottles of wine onboard but no other kind of alcohol. I would love to bring a bottle of Drambuie and Cointreau for the room.
  4. We are fairly new to cruising. We have made a deposit for the 46 day cruise 2022 because we liked the fact it departs from New York and returns to New York; it visits St Petersburg for two days; and Paris for two days, which allows us to visit Normandy and then see Paris. My concern is what has been others experience being on a ship that long. Our two main goals are to visit St Petersburg and Paris, but I can't find a cruise that has both in the itinerary in 2022. Wondering if we should consider doing two cruises: one that does St Petersburg, 14 days London to London September 2022; and then look at a river cruise in the May 2022 timeframe to visit Normandy, which would allow us more time in France. Hate the thought of two long flights, but also don't know if the 46 days may a bit much. For those that opt for the two different cruises, we have never done a river cruise and would welcome any suggestions. thanks.
  5. Wonderful information!! Thanks to all. I guess we'll just wait and see how things go for the cruise lines. Wishing all a safe, healthy and Happy 2021!
  6. I noticed that the cruise ship spends two days in St. Petersburg, so is it possible to visit more than one site per day? I would like to do Catherine's Palace, Hermitage and Gold Room, Faberge Museum, Double Decker ride and Spilled Blood, but am unsure if they depart around the same time or do they have both morning and afternoon tours so one can see several sites. Would even consider more tours if time would allow. thanks.
  7. Thanks to all who responded. This is our first Oceania cruise and we did go ahead and put a deposit down for the OS. Now I have time to research ports and what to do and see. Happy and healthy New Year to all
  8. yes 2022. Just curious if others have taken this cruise in 2019 or earlier, and had this cabin
  9. Has anyone taken the Oceania Insignia cruise in July for 46 days? We are looking at the Owner's Suite but the only cabin left is 6088. Is this a good cabin? Will we have a lot of engine noise? I also find it interesting that with the length of this cruise we only receive one liquor setup?? Ok thanks for any info.
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