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  1. Don’t care. It’s their business I’m sure they’ll figure it out…
  2. Ah well, I just switched from MG to Horizon 8/21. Love the southern Caribbean sooo much better
  3. True but is better than Nassau…
  4. So checked the planner after receiving the operations email and the 8/14 has different port of calls now. I don’t care but *****… Grand Turk has been replaced with Nassau now.
  5. Lol doesn’t matter what depumpernickel thinks/says. Cruise lines are gonna do what’s in their best interests to start and worry about the state of Florida when it has time to do so.
  6. Where I work in The Villages Health. At the primary care centers and specialty center patients are asked if they have been FULLY vaccinated or not, if so, no mask required, if not, mask is required. Fully vaccinated means 2 weeks from final shot.
  7. Yes they are sold out...a lot of people that had previous cruises booked and canceled, booked again, hence why I chose august when June was canceled. And October was bookable until a few days ago. Whereas august was sold out a while ago.
  8. Cruises on mg are full up to the date you still see them for sale online. I’m on 8/07 sailing. You snooze you lose!
  9. They won’t be able to enforce mob rule! If anybody thinks ppl will abide by a mask rule and vaccinated, you live in a fantasy land.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/cdc-announces-updated-guidance-mask-191251496.html
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