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  1. Thanks for all the information and to all who post it. What a day! DH and I had tomato soup and grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches for lunch. I worked in my Queens, NY public library during high school and I was voted Queens Public High School Librarian of the Week in 1963🤪. For my college work-study program I spent my time erasing Dewey Decimal System numbers off the books so we could switch to the Library of Congress system. Great memories.
  2. We did the Sunfarer several years ago but took the excursion that took us through the whole canal and then bussed back to the ship. They served lunch on the boat we were transferred to in Gatum Lake and thoroughly enjoyed it. We have booked a full transit to San Diego for February 2022 instead of flying there to take another cruise.
  3. To add another wrinkle to the discussion, what happens when the gratuities are waived in a promotion? Does HAL put a amount in the pool? We always tip our room and MDR stewards, wine steward and Pinnacle Grill staff since we have breakfast there most mornings, Neptune Lounge concierges and wine steward in MDR at end of cruise. We do tip the maitre d when we select our table at the start of the cruise and also sometimes mid or end of cruise. We never have to wait for our table, it’s always ready. HAL has terrific staff and we appreciate their part in making our cruise memorable and worry
  4. Loved it! Thanks so much for sharing. We always book a Neptune Suite so we’ll be looking for those hidden Suite Escapes and Suite Soaks.
  5. Thanks everyone. Our picture was taken on the Zuiderdam by the ship photo studio.
  6. Thanks for sharing. We took the plunge in 1982 after meeting in 1977 in DC. Thanks to Loving vs Virginia. also happy to co-celebrate a birthday today with @cruzin single 🎂
  7. Rarotonga was our last port on our Maasdam cruise last year. Unlike others it was a beautiful day for tendering. After a great day we hauled anchor and set off for our next port, Papeete, only to wake in the morning exactly where we were last night 😱. Those who could gets flights out of Rarotonga that day, mostly Australia and NZ, were allowed off and taken directly to the airport.
  8. Thanks, we’re watching it 😀. Have Norway cruise booked for 2022.
  9. I had only one Ginny Doll, my mom liked the Madame Alexander ones more. I’ve given my niece my original Brownie and Girl Scout ones but I still have this one. The picture is me in a Brownie meeting (second from left).
  10. I had visited Cairo several times in my work for the State Department but my DH and I took a chance on a Gateway 1 tour to Cairo and Nile cruise in October 2017. Like others have mentioned we stayed at Mena House with views of the Pyramids from our balcony. Because we took and extra day in Cairo before starting the tour we were “off cycle” and so wound up having a private tour the entire trip. we couldn’t believe it when we saw these camels sitting nonchalantly in the back of a pickup truck!
  11. Today’s Washington Post has an article about a woman who took a Nile cruise at the same time and became Maryland’s first case of the virus 🦠. So glad you were on a different ship.
  12. Happy to say the appliance curse will not be visiting us. The squirrel we had earlier in the week feasted on the insulation and wires under our dishwasher before the exterminator was able to coax it out the back door. The repairman came yesterday and was able to save the dishwasher we bought 7/8/1993 from Montgomery Wards. I still have the receipt!
  13. I think weathermen are the only profession where you can be wrong 75% of the time and not lose your job 🤪. After five days we finally got the squirrel out of our house. It was trapped in ceiling of our main floor, not the attic, and they finally moved the dishwasher out and after an hour it went out the open back door and slowly ran up the alley. So thankful. Today the contractor is closing up every hole they can find in the kitchen. First time we ever had this happen in 40 years in the house.
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