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  1. @dfish. The Binghamton, NY spiedies were originally made with lamb, but that lamb was marinated for days, sometimes even up to a week. love those spiedies! I went to SUNY Cortland and spent weekends in Binghamton with a Girl Scout ‘s friends family. Grab some every time I get back there. Thanks for the memories.
  2. Medicine may be a science but often it’s a mystery. Hope they solve your problem soon. Sorry your after cruise happened this way. Take care.
  3. Hope all goes well on your travels today. A picture of the flooded Major Deagan Parkway was on the front page of the Washington Post this morning. Born and raised in the city I traveled it often back in the day but have never seen it like that - cars submerged 😱. Stay safe. I feel sorry for everyone who lost their car in the east coast floods, and those that have burned up out west in the fires. Replacements are hard to find, both new and used, even before this because of shortages due to the pandemic.
  4. I think we fall into the “over tipping” group 🤪. We tend to take long cruises, 45-48 days. We tip at the end of the cruise in envelopes requested from the Neptune Lounge. We enjoy great service and want to show our appreciation. Generally, For our two room stewards we give $300 each, and Neptune Lounge concierge $100-$150 depending upon what s/he helps us with. We’ve been lucky that we’ve had the same main person through the cruise. We give the relief person $50. We request a specific table at a specific time in the MDR for dinner at the start of the cruise and give the Maitre’d $50 tip at that time. And if our table is available every night we tip midway as well. We used to tip the wine steward $50 but we won’t apparently have to worry about that anymore. We tip our MDR waiters $150 - $200 each. We don’t go to the bars and rarely use the Lido or room service but if we do we don’t tip extra. We try to have breakfast in the PG most mornings and we tip them various amounts. As always the crew is thankful for what ever they receive.
  5. @Gail & Marty sailing away 🎂🥳🍾🍨
  6. @kazu Thanks for doing the cut and paste. You’re right, not everyone is on Facebook.
  7. Thanks for the information. I was wondering if we needed anything like a notarized letter from his parents or other approval from them. You were traveling with your son although I guess how would they really know he was your son if that’s all the paperwork they looked at 🤪. Just don’t want to get stuck and not be able to board so I guess I need to investigate further. Thanks for sharing.
  8. So sorry. I know he meant a lot as a neighbor and friend. 🙏
  9. @Loreto thanks for the info. I’m just wondering what documents other than boarding passes, COVID-19 proof and passport were required for your granddaughter. We booked a June 2023 cruise to celebrate our grandsons 14th birthday and graduation and want to be prepared. Thanks
  10. @smitty34877It looks like peaceful and beautiful Miss Camilla is off her oxygen. How wonderful 🤩
  11. @rafinmd Roy, , Firefighter Laird is getting a solemn procession and send off here in the DMV. May he Rest In Peace 🙏
  12. Here’s hoping I make page 1, probably the only time 🤪 as I like to sleep in. They’re putting a speed bump in on our street so the noise is deafening. Thanks to all who make this happen. Love books and read every day. Enjoy meeting you all vicariously, someday in person. Enjoy today.
  13. In Seattle we always stay at the Fairmont and have dinner at the Capital Grille across the street. Next time I think we’ll go to Ruth’s Chris which we prefer.
  14. Thanks Barb. Can’t wait to try it out in November on the Rotterdam. 😃
  15. Just wondering if Navigator still has the messaging feature? No one has mentioned it. In the past we only used it to let folks know where we were, when to meet, etc. Thanks
  16. Thanks Rich, Roy and everyone who makes this happen. We did a partial trip through the Panama Canal in 2017 and are looking forward to the full transit on our 2/13/22 cruise.
  17. Thanks Rich, Roy and everyone who makes this happen. We did a partial trip through the Panama Canal in 2017 and are looking forward to the full transit on our 2/13/22 cruise.
  18. Thanks so much for letting us live vicariously through you 🤪. Just curious if there is a Chico’s shop onboard? Enjoy your day.
  19. Love their Malbec as well and buy a case whenever we (1x a month) whether I need it or not 🤪.
  20. How precious 💕. What a trooper. Looking forward to seeing her first birthday pictures.
  21. What a wonderful talent. Each one is more beautiful than the last. I love trees, most art in our house is of trees, but do hate having a rake leaves 12 months of the year! Please keep sharing your creations.
  22. So wonderful to see Miss Camilla. She always shows the latest in fashion.
  23. Thanks for your daily posts. We did the same train but in the opposite direction. Unfortunately we did not go out to Zanzibar but toured extensively in Dar. My DH got his hair cut in a “hole in the wall” barbershop and said it was the best he had ever gotten, equivalent of $13 for haircut, shampoo, shave, facial!
  24. Thanks. So interesting to find it’s a real place, although in the novels neither party had a 14 day residence. Guess that’s why they call it fiction!
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