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  1. I would not take a booster within 14 days of the cruise. Carnival is having enough problems counting to 14 and even following their own >= 14 days rule.
  2. Both. From the videos I have seen, you have to be on camera to take the test. Once you put the swab in the thing, it has to stay on cam for the 15 minutes and you can go about your business. Once the timer goes off, you click on a "continue" button where another proctor comes on, scans the QR code again, and verifies the results. Pretty straight forward from what I have seen online.
  3. I bought the 6 pack for 3 of us in case of any mishaps. We will schedule rapid tests at CVS/Walgreen just on case. Not going to let something arbitrary cause us not too cruise.
  4. I am sorry this happened to you and this is such BS. The same with not following the CDC guidelines on whether you were in contact with someone that had covid. Because you will not get an official word unless it came from Carnival's Legal department, I would have NEVER accepted a phone jockey's verbal response over the phone for something like this. I would have demanded in an email with their name on it with my reservation number included in it. It still would not have prevented what happened, but it would at least have protected the money. As far as dates go, I would have also never played it so close to be right on 14 days. I would have insured it was at 15 days prior or not booked it. Too many wishy washy answers to begin with. As for signing anything, that would not have happened. They would still now allow you to embark, but at least there is no signature of yours that they can defend themselves with.
  5. Happens. They changed our itinerary. Others heard 5 days before I got my email. No big deal. Life goes on and things will work out.
  6. You may have to find private. Depending on how many, it could be less than shared. Your paying a premium to stay there, the minor cost increase for private is probably worth it anyway
  7. Yes there are Uber/Lyft drivers all over PC for cruisers. Hotels have shuttles as well.
  8. Love how people think the rules don't apply to them. Wish they found out after the headed out and then had her removed at her expense by helicopter. This is the problem in our country. People think they are above the rules and regulations. You're darn sure they would have filled a lawsuit if DB granny died on the cruise.
  9. You all have my attention here. Where do you find prescription masks? I have a bad astigmatism and don't wear contacts. This would make things so much better but I have not seen anything for me.
  10. The proctor won't take a test with an expired kit. If it is within the 3-month extension, you are fine. If not, then eMed won't accept the test either.
  11. That is what I thought and have read. Someone posted on a thread with extremely poor information.
  12. My wife got the booster yesterday. T1D puts you in the high risk category. They knew it was going to be approved yesterday, but it was timing. Once it was official she was able to take it around 6PM.
  13. The proctors are out of the Philippines or some other country in SE Asia. Earlier you do it, the less wait to get a proctor. Still, waits I have hear were at most 30 minutes.
  14. Just rebook the cruise then. Because he was listed as an oxygen user, then that is the case. Rebook like they said.
  15. Backpack is the best bet. That is a lot of weight.
  16. Onboard maybe? Room gratuities, tips, souvenirs, bingo, casino, specialty dining, and tons of other things.
  17. Yes, but only 1100 pax. I thought they were only opening to 700. I don't think they are ready for 3,000. I was not find of going there. St Thomas has so much more.
  18. Hotels are extremely subjective. I am all about budget the night before or even when on vacation. That is why we are staying near MCO. Cheaper hotels, more to choose from, restaurants and stores within walking distance, and I would have to shuttle regardless. Might as well shuttle directly to my terminal and save money.
  19. Glad I read this. To is already included. Now, I to more based on service. If someone is demeaning it rushing me, it is going to be like This Rock from the Sun.... If you ever saw the episode.
  20. CDC says 10 days right on the site. Carnival is using different rules for this one.
  21. They just cancelled St Kitts for us, but I knew that was coming. They subbed St Thomas.
  22. Shuttles can run from $20-$50pp one way. You may also have multiple terminal stops. Depending on how many are traveling with you, private transportation may be cheaper. Check out Cruise Control Transportation
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