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  1. I also got two cruises cancelled for 2022. I had fantastic prices on a JS. Now i will have to pay more than double to get a JS on any ship out of FL. I don't think its fair to be cancelling us and then at our expense....Oh wait 100.00 obc. The option 2 in my email was to cancel out the cruise and get your back....and "we are sorry to see you go". Now that's sincere. This is actually the first time I feel rccl has not done it's customers fairly.
  2. we are bringing friends who have never been on an Oasis class ship. Thought this would be fun dinner for them. It truly is more about the adventure....and different styles of food. If you are strickly a meat and potatoes person then you probably won't like it. But dissapointed that there isn't one on the Allure. We were probably on the Harmony when we went. Our room was on the same floor around the corner and we loved going to the bar every night as it wasn't so busy ......
  3. Has anyone heard that Wonderland has been removed from the Allure? None of my cruises on this ship have Wonderland as an option......
  4. There are two Hotels...Continental Palacate and Continental Barcelona. Which one did you stay?
  5. Well I had better luck than my friend trying to get it resolved. I was only on hold for 15 min. Woman looked it up and saw exactly what I was saying and told me it was a "computer glitch" and fixed it right away. She said it would take 30 days to get it and extended my last payment out 3 weeks. I actually got the FCC in 3 days in my email......all is well!
  6. I tried to apply my DH and myself FCC..each was the same amount. They only gave my DH half. This also happened to our friends the day before and they were given a really hard time even though they had the paperwork for the FCC in front of them. Now I will have to call and be on hold for hours to try to fix this. Has anyone else had this problem? Was it resolved??
  7. Your very lucky to have a TA that did that. I see price drops and call my TA and she's out of the office and no one can do it. Of course the price went up by the time she got around to hearing my message. That is why I don't use TA's anymore. Seems I do better booking on my own.
  8. Ours is June 6 with the 5 day land tour. Final payment is due March....I'm holding on for the call from rccl so I can lift and shift. We got a good price and I hate to loose it.
  9. we are going for 3 days before cruise.....starting my research now. Hopefully we'll be able to go in Nov
  10. question: can you lift and shift before final payment? We have a June alaska cruise and I'm pretty sure it will be cancelled. Can I switch it now to June 2022? I am nervous if we wait till its cancelled we wont be able to get a good room, plus we are traveling with others. I looked at the early june 2022 cruises and they are pretty full already
  11. Has anyone done a food tour in Barcelona? Which company did you use?
  12. We are booked on this Ta plus the week before. I hope it goes.......
  13. i did a lift and shift yesterday for Feb 2022 and the phone rep told me no double points if we go in 2022.. Dang, I wish we could get straight information. I also have a 9 day in March with payment due Jan 4. She said no 9 or maybe even no 7 days are going out. So she told me to call in a few weeks to see if RCL cancels it. I certainly don't want to make a final payment or get another FCC.
  14. thanks everyone for the info. This was very helpful. I think it will be fine.....
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