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  1. siren

    Maya Chan full

    This isn't the site I was on....hmmm. but thanks. Got lots of names so thank you everyone. This is for Nov so which ever one has openings is where we'll go.... they all look good.
  2. siren

    Maya Chan full

    Nice, thanks. Looked at Jaimes blue reef but the website doesn't really give a description of what included....
  3. siren

    Maya Chan full

    Maya chan is full... Can anyone recommend another all inclusive beach??
  4. Prices have dropped ! Upgraded to a JS and used my cc points....free upgrade!!!
  5. AlohaLivin..please send me the map also to dtheroux3@verizon.net. Thank you
  6. I would also like the map. dtheroux3@verizon.net
  7. The organizer gets the points. Last cruise we made our money back and won an additional whopping $18.00 per person. Woo Hoo…..but was soooooo much fun!
  8. That's it! and it is the same one I have.... thanks so much. Just want to make sure I don't get cheated out a free bottle of beer!!lol Oh wait, that free beer costs me how many thousands?????
  9. 18063159_CAS_MemberBonus_Amenity_List_v3.pdf I guess I was using the wrong terminology. It's the bonus amenity list. At each number of points you get additional amenities, like at 210, 280, 350 and every 70 points thereafter. This is the old list I have from 2008 so it's probably not current. It's in pdf so im not even sure you can open it.
  10. Does anyone have the list for the loyality rewards? I can't find it on the website.
  11. I always do the bookings and only use my number. I guess I will have to start to use both from now on. Never thought about this before....
  12. My husband is going on a bachelor party cruise without me...boo hoo. Question is his C&A number is different from mine. I book all our cruises with my number. Do his points roll over and get added to the larger account? On our way to pinnacle....
  13. I never seem to get any emails from rccl even though I have signed up more than once. Does anyone know how to get the new deployment schedules when they come out?
  14. Any good suggestions for a Miami hotel that includes parking? and of course a shuttle to the port.. Can't seem to find a lot in Miami.
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