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  1. thanks everyone for the info. This was very helpful. I think it will be fine.....
  2. I just booked a JS on the brillance in room 1038. I just printed out the receipt and it says 10% obstructed view....which i wasn't told when booking on the phone. Does anyone have any experience with this room or a "10% obstruction". I dont want to be looking at the hull of a lifeboat......
  3. I had a great TA in Mass. Now I live in Venice, Florida where they are far and few between. There are two companies in my town and the TA's are part time. Once I was told if I checked a resort on line then why didn't I just book it myself. she couldn't be bothered. Another told me they don't do price drop checks and that was my up to me. But if it's her day off then I may not get it. I usually book on ship now and am my own TA... Although I do miss having one that knew what kind of trips we like and would email us with the deals. Ahhh, the good ole days.....
  4. Not star class but I got an aqua theater for $3600 for both of us ( not pp) including the taxes and tips..........Just got really lucky on that one. Will never happen again in this lifetime....
  5. yes.....so lesson learned to fellow cruisers........ i won't make the same mistake twice
  6. There is not. The cruise fare was lowered after the FCC was applied to that.
  7. That will be a smart move. I already applied them so I don't think I take it away...........but I'd like to.......
  8. I don't use TA's. I would have to call them, tell them I found a price drop and HOPE they will make the call....which usually didn't happen. I book my own cruises now and just call when I find one and no issues.
  9. I had two large FCC that I applied to two different cruises. One in June 2021and Oct 2021. I did this over the phone and with no problems. Then when I checked my email for my cruise receipt it does not show a cruise credit but actually changed the price of the cruise. So my 7k cruise (alaska cruise tour in June) went to a cruise fare of 2500. I am crazy about getting price drops but if my cruise fare shows 2500 for an 11 day cruise there will definitly be no price drops. Has anyone had experience with this? I know cruises booked this far in advance always have price drops as it gets closer.
  10. We are also on the Oct 31 2021 TA. this will be our second as we loved the first soooooo much. Will probably book one for the spring of 2022 also...... Since we went NO WHERE this year we splurged and got a JS. We are also doing the 7 day before the TA. Will be very fun!!!!!!
  11. I think I got it!! so if i go single first and end up with 368 points. I book a cruise for both of us and under me primary it will be 368. If he books under his C&A then it will show him still at 354....so who ever has the most points wins!!!
  12. Soooo... i have an all girls cruise coming and am going into a single room. So I will acrue the points. My hubby feeling left out is going to do a guys cruise later in the year. He will be going as a single also. He gets his points. So my question is: Our total points right now is 354. I usually do the bookings under my C&A number. When he books his cruise what happens to his points.? Are they added to the "our" account or does he start from scratch and get the points just under his C&A number.??
  13. Has anyone booked a JS Guarantee and ended up with a not so good room? I've never done a guarantee room and sorta afraid of getting stuck.
  14. Thank you for the info. It makes sense that the diff levels were given their own spaces considering the volume. We like to go to the lounges as we meet many new friends on the TA and look forward to meeting with them nightly. Its more of a social thing than a drinking thing!
  15. I guess I wasn't clear on my question. I am thinking of booking the TA in Oct 2021. I was looking to see how they did the happy hour pre pandemic. I am positive it will be back to (almost) normal by then. I am diamond plus. On the brilliance there was about 250 to 300 people as the higher levels usually cruise the TA's, which is why they opened the Colony Club. there is no way they can fit all these people in the Harmony lounges, even if they use the overflow rooms. I was looking for someone who has done a TA on this class ship to ssee how they did it.
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