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  1. Thank you all very much. Most kind of you all, and so very helpful.
  2. Thanks very much for that, JJ. The deck plan I found didn't have that information on it and it's very helpful. I've a cruise booked and have the choice of either a cabin with both bath and shower, or a cabin with just a shower - the latter being one of the newer cabins added in 2018. Both are Deluxe Veranda Suites and both are on Deck 7. I am a little concerned about being seasick, having previously travelled on a North Sea Ferry and it was unpleasant. Was not actually sick, but came very close to it. This will be my first time on a cruise ship. I know a central cabin is better for stability. The cabin which is bang-on central is shower only - no bath. The cabin with a bath AND shower is 5 cabins down from the center of the ship, so not quite as central as the shower-only cabin. I can't decide which to take. I do like the idea of a bath, but I also like the idea of being central on the ship if seasickness rears its ugly head. Please could I ask for your thoughts? Thank you, much appreciated.
  3. I managed to find a deck plan, but alas I'm not clever enough to work it out. Thank you for the suggestion though - I appreciate your reply.
  4. Hi, does anyone know the numbers of the new suites that were added when the Silver Spirit was cut in half and lengthened in 2018? Thank you.
  5. That does help, thank you very much.
  6. OH and I are in the United Kingdom and have passports which are valid until 2029. We are going on a Mediterranean cruise in October 2022, have never been on a cruise before. Please could anyone advise - do we need a Visa or ETIAS? If so, should we wait until nearer the time before applying for it? Also, should we wait until nearer the time before buying insurance? Thank you - any advice is much appreciated.
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