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  1. thanks people. i will ignore all further trolls. :rolleyes: first day back at work makes me a little reactive....
  2. wow donald. i did not realize i would be receiving a letter grade on my report. online we call this behavior trolling. this is throwing out unnecessary, nasty comments that do not bring anything to the thread but bad feelings. i would give you an nice example of my texting skills but do not believe you are worth the effort of exciting the mods......
  3. and copper, that is a FETCHING avatar, my friend. just fetching...;)
  4. can you imagine if the tender flipped and then righted itself? it would be like being in a dryer....and if that had been us, there would have been some very mashed and bruised indonesian guys if me and "the big guy" tumbled with them....i don't know if i am going to laugh or get a chill...naw, laugh!
  5. yes, aris was our steward too. we were in 6087. two yrs ago we were in 6083.....like those middle of the ship rooms:).
  6. the rolling boat was scary, but crashing into the noordam? he left a good dent in the ship....my husband has driven his own cabin cruisers since he was a kid, so it did not bother him a bit. there was an officer on the boat too. that had to be a bad feeling to booger up that badly with a superior seeing you do it...
  7. what a nightmare. luggage in the wrong rows, no designated lanes so people merging in (at the top of the line of course), and a limited customs personnel. customs truly slowed everyone and everything up. on a humorous note, all those people that take the fruit from their staterooms, left it sitting by the signs that stated there was a $300 fine right then, right there, if caught bringing fruit in.....there was fruit everywhere. which just shows people will do as they please unless forced to obey rules. that may well be why customs is such a lengthy process. and as aggravating as that was, it was not as bad as a 17 hr drive home....or having no one to make my bed, or bring me coffee...:rolleyes:
  8. and my punctuation is not too spiffy either.....good thing i changed from a major in english to nursing.....:D
  9. on st maarten, we went to the beach right by the water taxi drop off, i think it is called big bay....beautiful, convenient, but there is a big drop off when walking out into the water....step forward slowly. and when i say big drop off, i only mean like 9 inches. just a shock when you are not ready for it:p on st kitts, we went to timothy beach and ate at the sunset grill. it was nice. would love to go back to that one....
  10. this is kinda funny and kinda scary. when we left hmc we took one of our own tenders back to the ship as the eurodam had the bigger ones from the island. our driver had to back and fill repeatedly to avoid banging into the boat behind us....i looked at my husband and asked if this guy knew what he was doing... he smiled and said he was doing ok. by the way, a man weighing about 400 pounds had sat down beside me on the outside of the bench. as we pulled out past the island, it was obvious that the spit of land was blocking the wind, it got really bumpy. the boat was swinging side to side, people are either laughing and throwing their hands up, or screaming in fright....especially the indonese waiters sitting behind us...he finally righted the boat so it went into the waves instead of side swinging and we got to the ship. where he promptly ran right into the noordam...and i mean hit it good. he then got on the speaker and said, "please exit the tender calmly and carefully". there was almost a stampede with every mobility aid you can think of. a lady with two bad knees and a cane threw her bag to me and JUMPED to the platform....omg. my husband then said, calm as you please, "no, he did not know what he was doing". but he also said we would not have capsized because of the larger gent that acted as a ballast....he did not mention my girth acting as the same....that may not have gone well for him..it may have frightened the wait staff, but it did not put them off their game, service in the vista dining room remained fabulous:D
  11. what a great time! prior to the cruise, we stayed at the comfort inn in hollywood. tidy rooms with nice staff. we did the touristy thing for two days before leaving. we took an airboat ride with the folks at sawgrass recreation park. quite informative and fun. catfish dewey's for dinner. a local kind of place. not fancy, but the food was great. the frog legs were great, the shrimp wonderful and the grits were outstanding. the next day, we went to flamingo gardens, a bird sanctuary. it was great. they have shows to tell you about the animals that are native to the area. and all the animals have been injured and would not otherwise live in the wild. then we went to the fishing hall of fame (yes, there is one:)). it was quite informative and interesting. i thougt i would be bored, but was not. we ate at the rustic inn crabhouse that night. another local place, again, not fancy. the portions were huge! and the food was fabulous. i think those were the best shrimp ever. the maui maui was great, conch fritters wonderful and the crabs tasy. the garlic crabs are a tad greasy/buttery. embarkation was quick and painless. the demographic on this cruise was much older than our previous 2 cruises. but there were no big deals. the room was wonderful, the balcony was too. our room steward artis was the standard that we have come to expect. he was absolutely wonderful. the food was quite good. and the pinnacle grill.....oh my! i am gonna go all foodie for a moment....the prawns and beurre blanc were ambrosiac....the filet was the BEST i have ever eaten. and the cabernet savignon to go with, quite nice....ok, trying to focus....not drool...we did not do the shows. the casino was very smoky....i did not like that. the weather was kinda rough, and it was quite bouncy for a couple of days. i found that hanging on the the one arm bandit was quite steadying...they taped off the doors so you would not bounce off the decks....no going outside for a couple of days. st maarten was quite good. the shopping is better than st thomas (less $$$$), then off to the beach for a dip. let me say, it is the caribbean, but this time of year, the water is still cold! next was st lucia. it was sunday so it was mostly shut down. but i did hear a few folks went to the beach and the land tours were quite good (that is second hand, as i wondered around close to the ship). barbados was lovely. sunny beaches, crystal clear water....VERY strong rum punches.....yikes. we were diverted from martinique because of some civil unrest issues (killing each other and tourists) and the captain chose st kitts. what a great place! the beach was beautiful. and they had an obx flag by the restaurant:D. we did figure out that we were not on the outer banks of north carolina (the water was way too pretty). there are monkeys all over the island. it is very funny. they steal the golf balls on the golf course. that is funny to me, not the golfers. next was st thomas. there was a shooting just outside the port. two guys killed each other..scary. we went shopping. in our 2 prior visits, we went snorkeling. we should have done the same this time. the prices are higher than st maarten and it is wildly crowded. we went back to the ship after just a few hours. someone got sick and we had to delay leaving so they could be taken to the hospital. oh, and we had to wait for one of the two ambulances.....two ambulances...that is quite mind boggling to me...last was hmc. i love that little island. they have built up quite a bit. we fed the stingrays. quite cool. but again, the water was really COLD. we were there the same time as the eurodam. the beaches were really crowded, but the buffet line, bar lines and shopping lines were all good. the guy driving the tender back must have just got his permit....more on that later. our dining companions were from canada and ohio. we sailed with our friends that came from pittsburgh. it was a great time with great food. oh, and our last night, we had bami goreng ! did i spell that right? it was wonderful....sweet and spicy... disembarkation was lengthy and chaotic. it took us two hours to get through customs. since we had a 17 hr drive back to norfolk, i was getting quite irritable. but not as bad as our skycap....he was great....he should be a supervisor... it was a great cruise, and a great time. thanks hal. lauri (and mike)
  12. we leave today! yeah!!!!! just a short review on what we have done, eaten and where we stayed. we stayed at the comfort inn in hollywood. the room is fine. coffee maker works and the tv is huge. the service is quite good and the free breakfast buffet is pretty good (it IS FREE). we went on an airboat ride with sawgrass recreational park. it was quite informative and i thought fun. not a lot of alligators (it is still kinda cold). we went to catfish dewey's for dinner. it is a local place and not fancy. the frog legs were great! the fried pickles and conch fritters were just ok. the shrimp were wonderful and the grits were so creamy i just wanted to roll them around in my mouth. it is an art form to make grits that good. we went to flamingo gardens the next morning. it is a botanical garden and animal sanctuary. very cool and informative. all the animals have been injured and would not otherwise survive in the wild. then we went to the fishing hall of fame. i thought i would be bored. not. it was really cool. i could not make the wii work to practive my casting.....:( we then went to the hard rock casino and played slots. that place is crazy busy. lots of cigarette smoke....willie nelson was there and parking lot was impressive. convertable rolls royce, a silver ghost....cool. we then went to another local restaurant. the rustic inn crabhouse. the conch fritters were great, the fried shrimp were unbelievablably good, the balckened maui maui great, the conch chowder great, and the crabs were all good. heads up on the garlic crabs, they are VERY buttery/greasy...this has been fun. what a great start to a vacation. will turn in my post cruise review on return to nasty old cold norfolk........:D
  13. i did not think of that. they live in pa and we live in va. we have met at least once a yr since our first cruise. should i do a culmination, or just first cruise pics? i was very compulsive and labeled everything....thanks for your input? i also thought that maybe there might be private pics on the card (blushing) that they may not want captured for posterity.....lol...:eek:
  14. hard to believe that no one pointed out the effect of alcohol on a virus....i believe it kills the germs! :D
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