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  1. No malintent meant by my statement, just thought it belonged on a more neutral page, that's all and that OP may want to be prepared for it to be moved.
  2. This is the NCL forum, not RCCL though.
  3. From the website: Our cruises will operate with 100% vaccination of guests and crew through 10/31/21, therefore face coverings are not required but are highly recommended where physical distancing is not possible indoors for cruises prior to 10/31/21. Amazing news for my Epic cruise in September 😄
  4. Here in the UK, we have an app that accesses our healthcare records and has our proof of vaccination inside for proof!
  5. Hi Keith, I booked it about a month ago 🙂 Exciting!
  6. I'm in the UK and I'm booked up for the Norwegian Epic Sept 2021, P&O Iona in December 2021, Carnival Pride in June 2022 and Carnival Celebration in November 2022!
  7. I have four cruises planned atm, but very interested in this one!
  8. Prima is up on the NCL site but only 15 cruises, not the inaugural season it seems?
  9. A sore arm or a bad tummy are hardly mass deaths.
  10. Probably one at sail away and one after dinner. I am not gonna waste too many calories on liquids 😛
  11. Once it's all done, sure 🙂 It's a work in progress at the moment. Just got the logo and branding done.
  12. I have an invite but I am booked on Iona in December
  13. I'm excited too! I've recently started work on a travel and cruise blog/vlog so really excited to get back to it so I can get some video content! 😄
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