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  1. Well done. however you shouldn't need to justify yourself. I have found a lot of people on cruise critic slam people way way too often cos they dont agree. as long as you know what you are doing then who cares what others say. Some people just like to bring people down...for whatever reason.
  2. Yep that would have given a better overall outcome to give difference if opinion but it done now
  3. thanks. Ive been having a look on trip adviser for reviews. Did have a look at Mexico Cancun and Punta Cana in Dominican Republic and they looked good and a lot available for families too. but will check out europe too...just need to really have a think about what we looking for. Plenty of time as we will be waiting till last minute so we know what is happening with restrictions as we won't be going anywhere if restrictions in place... and will wait till next year....to get what we want
  4. we're the same... nothing else for it but to look for an all inclusive somewhere instead of cruising and although initally hoping won't be disappointed.. we may be pleasantly surprised and enjoy it as much as cruising... until we are able to get the cruise experience back that we know and love so much.... yep I am trying to convince myself right now, I know as just love the cruise experience (old one not the proposed new on) but here's to happy holiday whatever we do
  5. It was me who posted about worrying about it causing infertility not the op. I have been reading up stuff to research vaccine and read something can’t remember where and speaking to other people who expressed same fears ... guess we just need to hope that it doesn’t... but as it too early to determine and side effects it will just be me and my husband who gets the vaccine for now
  6. It’s just worrying times right now making sure you do what is right for each individual . But hopefully happy times will come soon when back to “normal”
  7. There is no evidence to show either way as it is too soon to be able to tell this with the vaccine. Hence why we have chosen this way as once it is done can’t be reversed. We will continue to do all we can to protect ourselves from covid and live our lives too.
  8. Fully agree. any child over 12 pays full adult fair... hardly cheap and stingy...soft drinks pages, the cost of games etc in the teen area. all adds up to an uncheap, unstingy holiday id say.
  9. well looks like that won't be a problem .... as It certainly looks more likely my family won't be on any cruise with anyone...I am just not prepared to take the risk with my daughter so chose not to do it. if she then decides later in life to get it if it is still a requirement that will be her choice
  10. well there is the solarium pool area for adults only to go to. I have always thought RC catered for everyone... why bother putting all the cool pool areas with slides, specific teen areas etc if they are not able to cruise.
  11. I am surprised about all of this. So many people happy about the possibility of sailing without kids.... so obviously they don't have young children or they are happy to cruise without them. Imo I think the cruise ships will be very quiet and very boring without kids.... I have cruised with my daughter at very young age and as a teen and during day at pool will be boring without kids on board.... there is no nicer sound of hearing the sound of kids laughing and having fun. Absolutely amazing... should put a smile on everyones face. I think if RC do take this line they will lose a lot of cu
  12. I really do hope it won't be the case to get children vaccinated to be able to cruise. It is one thing for my husband and I to get it but there is absolutely no way will I get my teenage daughter to get vaccine. As I have expressed in a previous post, my fears are IF it causes infertility and no one knows the answer to that right now even though some have said it doesn't who actually 100% knows... no-one. So I would not risk it for my daughter so she has the choice about children in to the future. so its a deal breaker for us... no cruising at all if that is the case.
  13. I fully agree. being told can't go to restaurants etc but supermarkets and shops (at some points) are fine... but that's cos covid stops at those doors and knows not to enter. yeah right. restaurants/bars in UK when they were open for the small period of time, had a system where you gave your name and number for track and trace. Shops/supermarkets haven't done this so imo restaurants are safer to go to
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