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  1. Wow - what ship did you see him on and when? We've had cruises where we've preferred certain Asst CD's over others but not ever to the extent that we'd cancel a cruise because of an Asst CD. If it's not too personal, could you elaborate and tell us what he did to make a bad impression?
  2. That's a good point! It's very possible that many of our favorite staff members may have moved on to other things!
  3. He really is. My kids love what he does to people arriving late for the show!
  4. We haven't met Matt O yet but have heard lots of people say good things about him. Hopefully we'll come across him some time in the future!
  5. Not technically Princess staff, but Steve Caouette is the best comedian I've ever seen live. Saw him on the Star Princess and the Emerald Princess.
  6. No problem. I agree, any cruise memories at this point are great. Thought it would be good to see if I recognized any names or pictures of other peoples favorite staff members!
  7. Our main waiter from the Amalfi dining room on the Star Princess in December 2019. Harold from the Philippines. Great guy, hope to see him again one day.
  8. Tell me about any of your favorite Princess staff members that you have met over the years & post pictures if you can. It can be any staff member at all from bar staff, waiters, cabin stewards, entertainment staff, comedians, singers etc etc. This is Cruise Director Fernando from Brazil. Last saw him in May 2019 on the Star. Hopefully all of the staff members are doing well and we can see them all again soon! Travel (cruise) Videos & Trivia contests on my Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0l6IBdF8fuDb22pzWIB7Iw
  9. I agree, I always sleep much better on board than I do anywhere else. Not sure if it's the sea air, the rolling waves or the quality of the mattress & pillows! Or maybe it's a combination of all 3.
  10. Absolutely - One thing I'm worried about when it starts again is how the buffets will change!
  11. Good point! I didn't mention the crew and I agree. I enjoyed getting to know the entertainment staff, as well as waiters and bar staff and room stewards. It must be tough for them all now and hopefully we can see them all again soon.
  12. I agree. We've met some some great people on Princess cruises that we still keep in touch with.
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