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    Weight limit on luggage

    OMG We are leaving today for Miami to board the FOS tomorrow. Can anyone tell me the weight limit on each suitcase? Thanks Kate
  2. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted info. I leave in 7 days, 3 hours, and 35 minutes!!! I can't wait to get on board and get busy!!!! This is my first cruise and everyone's info has really helped me prepare. Thanks again! Dawn
  3. palmharborladies

    Various freedom info

    Hey Janet! Though highly unlikely I'll use it, I thought about bringing my portable DVD player. Do you know if there are AV outlets on the TV so I can watch a movie. Also, I noticed in some of the pics of the inside cabins that the TV faces the little couch. Is the TV on an "arm" that swings out for watching TV in bed? I'm a "fall-to-sleep-to-the-TV" kind of person. I really don't think I'll be in my cabin THAT often but it would be nice to know just in case. One of my best friends and I are leaving next Sunday and we are just beside ourselves!!! We've started packing and making our last minute packing lists. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide! Dawn
  4. palmharborladies

    Anyone else on the June 18th FOS sailing?

    7 days, 21 hours and counting!!!! I've already started packing!!! This is my first cruise and I can't wait!! A couple of single ladies here off on a bestfriend get away! We've booked the Catch the Wave Snorkel Safari in Coz but haven't booked for other ports. I want to experience the ship to the max!!! Though I know I'll have to get some port shopping done or my daughter will NOT be happy when I return! See you all at the Pool Bar after muster and then at Olive or Twist! Dawn