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  1. All the kids clubs activities are open. At least as of now. We canceled our carnival cruise because they canceled kids club. (after final payment and only put it in the details of a long list of information on an exception form) But that said carnival was very nice about it and just gave a refund and within 7 days. So we book Royal and made sure kids activities were all open. I have 2 kids, what would small kids do without kids club? My kids LOVE IT!!!! first thing in the AM can we go? can we go? can we go? Who am I to say no to kid free time? We get a quiet dinner to our selves usually once, twice a year.
  2. I'm not sure if test centers/labs run 7 days a week or what. My last cruise we sailed on Sat. and were able to get tested Thursday. This sailing is Sunday and we will need to get tested on black Friday. We have small children and I know not everywhere tests kids for some reason. I know this might be a port of Miami question since we will be in Florida for thanksgiving unless we can't find a place to test. Then we will get tested at home and drive to Miami Friday-sat. Anyone got tested in Florida. I always here CVS but I fear them being slow. not sure if everyone uses the same labs. We have always gone to testing sites or places they can interact with our mylabs.com.
  3. My last cruise I missed out on some things because I didn't realize I had to ask for them. But if you don't know what you have to ask for how can I ask? They had room service but you had to ask for a order form to place on your door, for breakfast. I did finally ask, but it was one of those I just figured due to covid things. So now I'm curious if anything I should know before hand. I'm new to cruising with my family. Last cruise the water park was closed all the time for cleaning or sanitizing they said due to CDC. The pool didn't do this Do the waterpark or flow rider close often for this? Is it by reservation? Do they have a wearable or is it a card key system only. My son has a nut allergy last cruise they had almost no deserts without nuts or said yes it had because they might not have known. He started to get mad. LOL Anything I should know or advise.
  4. In the shower what are the buttons for on the temp and pressure knobs? Just curious i pressed them they seemed to do nothing. I thought maybe you need to press them to turn the knob, no Meraviglia had so many id items for lack of a better word. You have a wristband which you can open your door and buy things and check into kids club. You have a card to buy things, go to dinner, temp checks, get into your room, get on/off the ship and turn on your lights. Kids have a wristband Waterpark has a wristband I figured the wristband could take the place of the room key/card but then you can't get off the ship I found that out the hard way. I know i'm a newbie. Oh if you care I did ask about the lights above the door. i'm odd and like to know those little things. red/amber lights are on/occupied, card in the slot. there is that 1 minute delay Green lights are off no card in the slot place on DND if your in the room and no card in slot or they might walk in on you. This is what the attendant told us. Blue. Make up the room Forgot about DND but I think its red too. I could be wrong
  5. Oh I could easily take it down and leave the ropes. it would unclip put it away and then reclip it back.
  6. I can say I fell asleep out there at night a few times. The gentle rock of the ship, was like rocking a baby to sleep I had a big balcony but i looked and there are safe points to attach to. I did not have both of the mounting points pictured below. since I was on the end. the wall dividers, are welded and can handle something attached. sorry no pictures of it installed. below are two points you can attach to. I got a hammock on amazon for like 15-20 bucks its small when packed up and was worth brining How I attached the other end. I only attached to spots that had steel. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08RS3PGZN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Ok just saw a video where you need the special cup to get sodas do you have to have this with you at all times to get a soda? I hate to carry things especially something I can't just put in a pocket
  8. I would figure anyone will give you water. But are the free flavored drinks only at the buffet or another certain spot? Also what are the free flavors? Iced -Tea, Lemonade? Can I fill up my own water bottle with water/ice? Last cruise (not rcl) the drink glasses were tiny and with ice its like drinking water from a shot glass.
  9. The restaurant at costa maya away from town. NO VENDORS!! those people were horrible.
  10. If you have the chance we loved this room and its location. 12189 Meraviglia. Not to far up to be blocked completely by the over hang, not too far down to be in the sun all the time. For us just right. The Balcony was huge. Loved it. I had setup a hammock that was cozy. My wife was soo worried about 4 people in the room and was surprised how well it accommodated us all. My son was so scared when he flushed for the first time. He is only 4. It does sound like it will suck you in. The first pic is the falcon/hawk i saw when i came out on the last night he stayed all night. Now the first night I noticed in the middle of the night lots of birds flying. I only saw them when they came into the lights. I thought this was odd if I was home i would swear these were bats. Later early am like 5-6am the birds were all in the rafters pipes what not. hundreds. Then they disappeared and I figured because i saw some bigger birds flying around. Later I realized they were hawks/falcons. no bird expert but looks like a falcon. The whole time on the ship the small birds like sparrows were hanging around the pool deck. But not in the numbers i saw that first morning heading into ocean cay. free ride? I noticed the Falcons again on the way back to Miami from Ocean cay. Pics of the room and from the balcony The pics of the chairs and beer were for a meme wish you were here thing. My last pic of the cruise coming into Miami
  11. Pasta its self was fine. I guess we should have asked for just pasta my kids love pasta with butter. But I worked for a few Italian restaurants in NY/NJ. Sauces made from scratch. meats from the butcher. Alfredo is a simple sauce maybe in Italy they make it different but the sauces were lacking IMO. The bolognaise was great. The deserts all had nuts except for jello. Or maybe they just told us yes to be sure. My biggest issue with the soup was the crispy cheese not nicely melted that owey gooey way which I love.
  12. Yes I was on meraviglia but this goes for every ship. Once you get onboard ask. I really tried to get a list but I know she was busy. two of the other guys I spoke to were leaving for home within the next few weeks. Didn't see this posted before so I wanted to put it out there. I grabbed what they asked for while i was there. I guess they get shower gel and shampoo but thats it. One of the guys Jamal from st lucia was like "on my documents I have to put where I have been. But I never stepped foot on land so I guess I have been no where lol."
  13. During my cruise I spoke with lots of wonderful people. I love to find out about peoples lives. They crew can't really leave the ship. Getting certain essentials is not easy. I tried to get items they need but not having a pen in our room, and attendant kept forgetting to tell me. We did get her bar soap as she asked for this. We grabbed while in Cozumel. Usually someone will go out while in port but only a few can leave. Doesn't hurt to ask if you can grab them something. Money is great but if you can barely buy things with it, what's the point. I also noticed I could bring drinks back from ports without question. I brought back 4 sodas from Cozumel Mexico. I also bought soda in the terminal while waiting and no one said anything when we brought them on board. Happy Cruising Everyone
  14. Just returned from my 7 night cruise on Meraviglia Oct 9th. This is my review from a simple family man basically first cruise. Let me first say the staff was simply great. I met many wonderful people. Christian in the buffet from the Congo, always remembers my kids and was very interesting to talk to and learn about his culture and home. Doxy in the MDR was our waiter the few nights we went. Gratia was our room attendant very sweet woman from St Lucia. Food ok let get this one out of the way. MSC lived up to what many say. The food was bland and repetitive. Buffet every night pizza, hot dogs, cheese burgers. these were ok nothing wowing. Pizza has decent crust but IMO lacked cheese. I ordered an extra cheese the last night and it was really good. Great breads! The cold cuts were almost the same all the time, salami, maybe 2-3 kinds. sometimes they had ham, but usually in the AM. I saw turkey once. Salads were ok, mostly I had Caesar salad. the regular bar didn't have many toppings, or ones i cared for. Again I'm simple. I think like me people thought Italian ship they must have great pasta dishes. Nope. I tried a few all were way too bland, odd flavors. Mac n cheese OMG they have no idea what they think this is. but they missed the mark by miles. I think they add lemon or something. My kids would not touch it. Alfredo or thats what the sign said. We did have one red sauce which was good but only once. at the end of the week someone told me each day was a different theme. I didn't really realize this. But then it made me realize why they had some of the dishes they had. Roast beef and pork loin were good. People said the fish was fine we don't like fish. They did have chicken nuggets once. They were the processed pressed nuggets. not very good. I also thought some thing were organized oddly. they had baked potatoes. they squirted sour cream from a food squirt bottle, all over the potato but not inside it. Butter is over by the breads. if you wanted cheese they had that but that was by the Mexican nachos. Breakfast. I saw some reviews where people said they didn't like the items on breakfast. I now know why. Waffles were dense. not fluffy. This is simple stuff, I think many items are frozen. I mean my local hotel has better waffles. I got pancakes and the first was a hard disc. we could not cut it. the next was better ordered a fresh one. This was still ehhh. The French toast, was decent. Bacon was ok, something was missing. Sausage ok I think this is precooked frozen being it was slightly rubbery. Great fruit. Pastries great! cereal oatmeal and yogurt were just fine. omelets were premade. We were able to get one made fresh but they seemed confused about it. MDR We went went 3 times because they had items we saw on the menu we wanted. after these 3 times eating it seemed like the meals were almost premade. our steaks came out in a very short time. My French onion soup had hard cheese on it like it sat in a window and hardened. the cheese was like a parmesan crisp. The soup its self was very lite. I'm used to a very dark soup like from Lipton. There was a chicken dish my wife thought was great. Lasagna was very good. this should be on the buffet. the meat sauce was very enjoyable. Chicken parm was lacking in flavor. deserts get the cobblers they were excellent. Another annoying thing is salt and pepper in the MDR they must put it on your plate for you. the buffet you get packets. The first night they asked if we wanted water and brought us bottled water. the rest of the nights they filled our glasses with free water. Also no ice, I'm not a room temp water person. They gave me ice but by default it has no ice Maybe because we went to MDR after the kids ate and were dropped off at kids club, thing were not as fresh. usually about 8pm. That's no excuse though Hola Tacos were small but tasty. They show pictures of ice cream tacos and churros. no they don't have this yet. They have rice but its not a side. they did give it to me. Cheese dip was melted cheese but it was like melted mozzarella soft at first then after a minute hardens up you can't just dip it. you wind up cutting it and placing on the chips. Tasted great but poor execution. we thought it was like Mexican cheese dip like we get locally Over all food was hit or miss. Free options not much, over all food is lacking. I think they tried to be fancy when they didn't need to. I felt bad throwing away so many dishes. really missing a grab and go place. One thought came to mind was Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen nightmares, spitting out food he keeps trying. During one of the shows the management staff came out and the head chef was there. I'd be embarrassed. While I am simple I have worked in many restaurants over the years. only one 4-5 star place but many small local spots with awesome food. Rooms Rooms were great, bathrooms big enough. shower worked great. No towel animals as I had seen in many recent videos, was told because of covid. Room service menu doesn't work unless you have internet. they give you a QR code to scan. Didn't know you had to ask for a menu. I did finally get a menu and then because I got bacon i get charged. I am not a fan of being charged for something free on the buffet. charge me to deliver it but fruit is on the buffet thats free. Bacon is a fee. Drinks were ok. I thought the bar should really shine. Since this is what your pushing hard. We didn't find the coffee drinks bar until the end of the cruise. I was going to get the drinks package but decided not to. I was confused where to get milkshakes, and frozen coffee drinks. At the gelato place? the chocolate place, which is the one we found later since its more in the back. Someone said the bar makes milkshakes. I should have asked can you get anything free at the bar besides water. Also depending on the bar. If i ordered a soda I would get the can other times I would not. same price. Kids club My kids loved this place. The staff did a great job. The rooms had way less then I thought from pictures. They did have a computer room but seems only my youngest used it. I came in one day and someone was sitting with him showing him how to play the game. I thought it was great. He was the only one in there. They got kids pictures for 25.00 but this came with multiple pictures unlike the one phone when you board which costs way more. Kids club I can't say enough. My kids came back each night waiting to go back. AND they passed out within minutes of getting back in the room. Water park This was great when it was open one day we went the kiddy pool was closed only the big slides so my youngest could not go. They constantly close this area for cleaning? I don't get it. but each hour they shut down for like 15-30 minutes They close at 5pm. There is little place to sit and watch the kids. There is a table by the polar bar which never opened. but this table is not in view of the play area. slides were nice Pools nice pools bamboo and main pool were really close so if you got too hot or too much sun you can move to the next room basically. They have to clean the water park each hour but pools never close. Pool area its nice to have ice cream right there. next to that nice spot to grab a quick bite. Same stuff everyday like the buffet. Pizza, burgers and hot dogs. nice loungers and lots of tables to sit at. The only issue I had was the smoking area is basically the left side and non smoking is the right. Normally I see smoking areas away from everyone like on the back of the ship. So as a non smoker I had to smell it all the time. If there was a good breeze it was not bad but I can't stand the smell. Entertainment I wish they had more movies at night. the first one started at like 11pm too late for me. I loved the movies out on the pool deck. We watched Mary Poppins 2, Wonder woman 1984 played but I missed it. Other movies played in the Broadway theatre. I wish there were more on the pool deck as no eating in the theatre or not as accessible. I did enjoy the shows they had. not many but enjoyable. Ocean Cay great beach island. Loved the lagoons white sand pretty simple island, but for me it was great. for the beach day and not having to use another port to enjoy the water. Food was close to the ships food but had jerk chicken which was not too spicy. They had ribs which I missed out on. They close the beach at 5pm which stinks. The employees go swimming after 5 Over all we had fun I was just needing something to eat after getting off the ship.
  15. We just came back In Costa Maya we rented a golf cart 60.00 just outside where you get taxi's. The only downside is our cart could not get out of its own way. We are not small and a couple times had to back up and get some speed to get out of where we were. If you rent a cart go to Mannie's place I forgot the name, the golf cart people will recommend him and some lobster place which was in the middle of everything just too much going on. where we went was at the end of the island. but it was so far down the road few were there it was sooo peaceful. swings at the bar to sit on. I think he cooks the food in his house because the bar has no kitchen its a bar outside. I had steak fajitas, meat was great. He offered us free margaritas but we don't drink and he apologized and brought us something else which was delicious. We did stop at some other place OMG the vendors were non-stop. we had a drink and left. AND we were over charged it said soda 3us he billed us 4 and then wanted a tip. stay away from anything in town no matter what people say there. I will post some pics when I get home. All places basically have beaches where you can swim and eat/drink. The free pool looks refreshing but we didn't stay long. Just toured the shops grabbed a few souvenirs. In Cozumel ($100.00 for me and wife) I got a driver to drive us around 4 hours with A/C!! We went to the ruins, local markets, where he shopped. nothing commercialized, took us to a local restaurant. We were going to go to his favorite taco joint but we were out of cash. He gave us info about the island. stuff most people don't see. We did grab some sodas and snacks Since I noticed MSC doesn't care if you bring sodas or drinks back on the ship. So I stocked up since they were so cheap. local shops had some neat snacks too. I needed something other than MSC food to snack on.
  16. I saw this video. renting a scooter and touring the island on your own. I enjoy scooters and would rent these in any port so I can zip around
  17. I have been looking at my options. $20.00+ a day seems high to me so I was looking where else to park. I don't mind a shuttle. I figure the shuttle will drop me off right in front where the parking garage will be a walk. Plus the extra cost. What have you used?
  18. I would assume there are ATM's available? But then there are probably the fees which are high? I never carry cash anymore, was wondering how much do most people bring for things on the ship. Costa Maya and Cozumel better to have cash for things? When I was younger Cozumel was way less commercialized and you would never pay full price. if it was $5 you would hand them 3.
  19. it says no to items with heating elements or open flames (e.g. clothing irons, hair irons. kettles, hotplates, candles, incense) So they are ok? Flat iron? So was this written when a hair iron was something else? My wife will be so happy
  20. We are starting to pack and wife asked me She has short hair not long enough to put into a pony tail. I searched but what I found says she can use one in the spa. but that was years ago and in a uk forum.
  21. I cruise october 9th OK so its only in my email? I thought there would be some documents area Thank You
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