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  1. Good point about the cold. But I'd rather visit when tens of thousands of people weren't dying.
  2. I agree. I think it's cool that you've been there! I've mentioned before that I'd like to see South Korea.
  3. True. South Korea had strong mask mandates, lockdowns and good KF94 masks. But without statistical control of all the relevant variables, we can't be 100% certain what accounts for their success.
  4. Our posts crossed. See stats for Florida and South Korea, two peninsulas.
  5. OK, how about Florida vs. South Korea. Both are peninsulas. South Korea -- 51.2 million people, 130 thousand covid cases, 1,891 deaths. Florida -- 21.6 million people, 2.28 million covid cases, 35,881 deaths. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/region/us/florida
  6. Let's hope so! I'm looking forward to someday cruising from Port Canaveral on a vaccinated cruise. I had to cancel an Allure cruise from there already. Fortunately there are also many beautiful islands we can reach from Galveston.
  7. True, but the details are important. For example, I read the Texas EO. It didn't ban private businesses from requiring proof of vaccine unless they get public funds. So, unless something has changed, cruise ships may be able to sail from there. Lots of us would prefer a vaccinated cruise, and we're making future bookings right now. Florida may lose those $$$.
  8. True. Although they don't differ by much. As of today: NY is 69.3 FL is 70.4, US average is 70.2. Much bigger difference in % of adults fully vaccinated. NY is 47.1, FL is only 38.5 US average is 41.9 Of course there are many factors that could possibly account for this difference.
  9. Interesting. Thanks for posting this link.
  10. Good point (assuming you meant 'can't trust unvaccinated to wear masks'). Unfortunately, there are some on these boards who have actually stated that they will use fake vaccine cards. And there's a much bigger group who brag about breaking other covid rules. I'm sure most are honest people who just disagree with the rules. But would some of them fake a vaccine card? No way to know. Would they lie about symptoms to board? No way to know. I'm vaxxed, so I don't worry about my health. But there could be cases among the vaccine cheats that would scuttle the
  11. Good point. Why am I saving your argument about masks? This graph plainly shows that during the height of the pandemic, from January to late March, mask mandate states had fewer cases than no-mandate states! No need for statistics 🙂. Mask mandates work! The mask debate is settled!
  12. Yeah, the issue is relevant for interpreting the data properly, but I guess there was no point in my phrasing it as a question. How would you know the answer unless your source described the method in detail, or you were the data aggregator yourself.
  13. Thanks! Yeah, graphs comparing aggregations of different sets of states or counties are often going to be tough to interpret visually because...well...they are different sets of states or counties! The states/counties may have relevant differences -- such as population density, age distribution, other covid restrictions, etc. -- that need to be statistically controlled.
  14. The graph seems to suggest that mask mandates may have had some beneficial effect until late March. Of course there are other possible explanations. But why the crossover? It's possible that Biden's statement caused states/counties/cities to either remove or add mandates. Are the states/counties in the January data the same as the ones in the April data? Or are the states/counties shifted to the other pot when they change their mandate? Other possible explanations of the crossover are differences in the success of the vaccine program in different states, o
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