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  1. Bird, Always good information!
  2. Main cabin, AA and Delta, Europe, example for me.
  3. “If a cruise line or cruise ship is not listed, it means that the ship is not operating or intending to operate in U.S. waters during the period of the CSO.” Hence not list NCL Jade.
  4. Automatics acceptance. Wait and see. Under review Attorney General “very basic Business Law 101”. “First and foremost, note that a refund will never be offered without any action. In nearly all cases, you'll have to register for this using a dedicated website specified in any communications to you from the line. Otherwise, a Future Cruise Credit will be applied by default.” Stop bitching, focus thread “Anyone had any luck with getting a refund or winning a contested charge with their credit card?”
  5. That’s the problem. Assumed NCL FCC versus assumed refunds. Silent customers, no agreement.
  6. Really?🤣 Please focus for the thread, “Want to cruise in July 2021? Let your voice be heard.”
  7. NCL exciting announcing, “Great Reset Latitude Points”. Latitude discontinuing Ambassadors, Platinum plus, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze. New “Attitudes Points” one level, convenience, of course. 🍓 🤣
  8. New policy have to pay for the privilege choosing cabin?
  9. Gasp, “error”, laughing for Frank and Harry!
  10. It’s too late 10% discount apply. New strategy for me: New booking, don’t 10% discount applied now, wait 120/60 (final payment due dated) and decision discount applied. I am dumb, new booking, 10% discount applied, cancel for NCL (October 2021), lost for 10% discount. Yes, no sense.
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