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  1. Celebrity & Princess are different in certain aspects: Wine Sommeliers/Butler staff/all inclusive drinks etc./Really outstanding alternative rest. Princess lacks in this. Suite pax really do NOT get their money's worth in upper categories. If you're in lower cabins, then yes they are much similar. Suite pax on Celebrity get Luminai rest. Nothing like this on Princess.
  2. Never stupid questions. Some answers...well.. I'll(and others) will try to help 1) Grand Princess A decent ship, though getting old by some standards. 2) Yes 3 dining rooms. Correct that one is for Trad. dining. One of the others may be partially used for TD. I think TD will continue. We've switched to Club Class, where this very little wait for your table. Pretty much the same vibe. layout varies. 3) Menus are posted each day showing lunch & dinner. It will be at the entrance to the rest. 4) Buffets will now be vastly different. They will be enclosed so pax can no
  3. Well, we have a 14 day cruise booked on the Oceania Riviera this Jan.(we hope!)
  4. Because of the large crowd. It's hard to tell who might be gay & who isn't. Could be quite embarrassing if one gets it wrong.
  5. Could be worse. They have virtually nothing on Oceania. Last cruise they had the LGBT meeting right at dinner. I snuck out quick to see if anyone was there. No one showed. Thee were a fair amount of gay pax, but they seemed to just keep to themselves. Princess on our Hawaii trip was little better. A couple of stuck up queens & that was about it. Cunard has always had a great attendance. Or 2016 cruise on the Regal Princess was well attended as well. Celebrity is a mix. They host it at the martini bar. Not a good spot. The Commodore room was always excellent. The reason we don't do Cunard a
  6. Nice to see the "actual" event. I always hate when 99% of the story is left out. Really slants the truth. I could never imagine 15000+ having a good time on any ship.
  7. This is what we like about Oceania. The Riviera is about 750 ft. long. You get fabulous food, al restaurants are included except La Reserve(which pairs wine with a glorious tasting menu). You have about 1250 pax total. Close to a 1 to 1 staff pax ratio. Staff, truly professional can be a bit aloof, while we've found Princess staff to be the most friendly by far of all cruise staff we've met. We have a 14 night trip next Jan(we hope!)2023 we've booked both a 11 day(it's really 10, because they count return day as a full day)on the Equinox and a full 14 day trip on the Emerald. We can only do on
  8. We were on the Star in 2020 for our Hawaii cruise. Never saw a ship with SO much rust! We were in a Club Class mini suite. Cabin was good sized. Bed was horrible & the Sofa bed had the vinyl all cracked. Cruise itself was nice though Grand Class food leaves much to be desired when compared to Royal class. Knew about the transfer was going to happen. Hopefully the ship will be more refurbished. We do have a Circle the Caribbean trip early March 2023. Again in a club class minisuite. Also have a Sky suite booked for near the same time on the Equinox. Cabins are comparable in size. Two differ
  9. Basically, as son as you get on board go right to the sanctuary & you can sign up for your choice of days & the accommodations(either a really comfy lounge or a cabana(depending on ship)I booked the 4 days out & 5 days back on our Jan. 2020 Hawaii cruise on the Star. It can be surprisingly cold going out to Hawaii, as there are cold sea currents. The attendants can bundle you up like a baby to protect from the chill. If you do that cruise, you'll likely be the only ne up there.
  10. This is when one wears polished patent leather shoes to actually see what's under that kilt. Or shoe mirrors like Pee Wee Herman used.
  11. Usually the first full day at sea. This is subject to change by Captain's orders.
  12. That's how they did it on our Jan. 2020 Hawaii trip. No confusion at all.
  13. I'm sure they must offer it as they are part of Carnivore Corp. I'm sure my Spouse would flush my ashes & call it a burial at sea.
  14. Pent up demand. The other thing, is that big time T/A's book large blocks of cabins. At a certain point they will have to release them if not filled. That's when prices drop. One can either "cancel & rebook" (where you may lose out)or you can demand better OBC. The OBC is the job of your T/A to handle. We booked Oceania next Jan. for about $3500PP for a sea view room. With that, you get a floor to ceiling window & full bath tub & shower. That cabin is quite a bit higher now. We have in the past been offered an upgrade. Depending on the price if offered again we'll either accept or
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