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  1. There are different Types of travel insurance. Is this an issue in regard to trip cancellation and interruption coverage, or is it an issue of purely medical issues? There is a big difference of coverage and of cost.
  2. Njhoresman: I believe your interpretation is incorrect. That press release is almost seven months old. The two pack is over-the-counter, for self use only, is not proctored, and does not require a prescription. It may have at one point but does not currently. The six test package is proctored, does require a prescription and is CLIA lab certified. I purchased the six pack test in September, received instant prescription acknowledgment and the six tests were shipped the same day via FedEx overnight delivery. I previously mentioned that while the prescription was issued under my name, we were able to use for three others as well. All simply had to create a user profile for Emed and NAVICA I performed the proctored test in September, witnessed my wife do the same. Then we did it again in October from Italy, for myself, and again witnessed my wife and two of my friends, all passing without issue and with a proctor. NAVICA test results were excepted by Airlines at check-in from the USA, upon arrival in Italy, and by the airlines on return in both Florence and our connection in Paris.
  3. I think a US $5er for two people on half day tour for a decent job is appropriate. $0 is not. More for extraordinary. I typically tip at least $5 USD per person.
  4. When I received the six pack in September there was a label on the shipping box advising of an extended expiration date. As I knew we would be using all six tests in the next month I didn’t explore that issue. But here is a further explanation from emed: https://www.emed.com/hubfs/Case 01269955-COL-03030 BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Home Test Product Expiry Update - Customer Letter EN - US.pdf?hsLang=en When purchased, it is dispensed as a prescription. I saw some discussion on other boards with caution about sharing the individual kits. But that wasn’t an issue at all with us, as my wife and two others used the tests as well. Each user simply needs to create user profiles for emed.com and NAVICA. The online proctor/guide verifies the test with scans of barcodes before opening the test kit and during the test process.
  5. Yes, we used four different iPads, different generations, all using Safari. No browser issues. Even in an old Tuscany villa where the wifi was less than 2mbs the connection was fine. Though we couldn’t connect to more than one session at a time.
  6. The Process is very efficient once connected to the emed.com portal. Wait of less than 3 minutes for our six tests to connect to a “guide”. No appointment. We did four Monday at 11am Central European time - 5am ET! We all used iPads, it was a little convoluted as the process uses both front and back cameras. There was some difficulty due to interaction with the guides due to language accents. Appeared that most guides were in India, two in each session separated by 15 minute countdown after the nasal swab to reveal the result. Complicated only because inexperienced users each had to create new profiles on emed.com for the online web portion and the NAVICA download of their app. While connected at the end of the session - instant results. Email confirmation follows with links to the app where the QR code and lab certificate show in the app. We found airline personnel were familiar with the app too. Rep took the phone, swiped from the QR code to the lab page and handed it back.
  7. Flogging the same horse…. The Abbott Bimax AG test card is a CLIA LABORATORY approved test. Results in 15 minutes. “Green” QR code and lab result detailed in the NAVICA app. We just did this for four of us two days ago. Accepted without any questions in Florence and Paris today! Did the same on our departure from the USA. Obvious challenge if you are doing an independent pre-cruise tour or hotel stay greater than three days. But again, as the Binax is purchased as a six-pack, a couple would have enough for the outbound airline requirement, cruise, embarkation, and return flight documentation.
  8. I’ve read that it MAY be. Abbott six pack AG card from emed is $150 - $25 each. No direct assignment, so one would have to submit for reimbursement. Which, of course, is subject to deductibles, T&Cs etc. I didn’t bother. There was also a label on the shipping box with a notice that the expiration date was extended from that on the individual test kits.
  9. Abbott works well. Quick learning curve, just needs a decent internet connection
  10. I did not say otherwise, or that we were not willing to comply. It was just in contrast to having six of us by ourselves on a sailboat throughout the Tyrrhenian Sea this week. No masks required. 😀
  11. Interesting topic here, as I will be with several of you sailing South America February 2022. Will be on one of the grand voyages and had not thought about the layover in Buenos Aires and what that may require in regard to customs, immigration, and testing. Will stay tuned. We are in Italy now, and all is very well…except for the shopkeepers insistence on masks. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop my wife from going in!
  12. I don’t know about O pre-cruise. It is Atigen and lab certified. It is good for airlines outbound and return to USA. That has been my usage.
  13. Abbott’s BimaxNow AG Card used in conjunction with Emed.com is a fine solution. Portable self testing
  14. As I asked if you’d share, Thank you, thank you! That is perfect. I once woke up from surgery realizing I was dreaming of spreadsheets, so this is right up my alley! Once you have the cells and formulas, it makes it very simple to edit and compare. Works fine in “Numbers” for you Apple fans as well. Air Allowance is detailed on the Agency Statement. Your agent can advise. Add non-gateway “Additional Items Air Arrangements” if applicable to get total air credit to plug in the file. Thanks again, very cool.
  15. Sounds great! Can you post an image or share that excel file?
  16. ORV, You are right… terminology is confusing. (by design by marketing folks?) You can see from my previous remarks I discounted the value of OBC as cash value. I wrote OBC, but meant OLife Is this correct for “drinkers”? CHOSE Basic Bev package from OLife. Value @$40/day - which may be greater than the OLife OBC. BUY the $20/day upgrade.
  17. Ah ha! By George, I think I’ve got it! CHOSE for OBC. BUY for Beverage upgrade. I can see clearly now…I hope
  18. So Robjame, in post 134 you are contradicting yourself of post129 - right? Based on your actual entries on the O options page? I found the same, though I didn’t end the cart purchase. Looks like LGW59 did as well. Maybe this is a newer change from pre-Covid? Or will we reach “404” at the end?🤪 Certainly, using OLife for just OBC of same dollar amount doesn’t make any sense. But doing the math and calculating $40/day x #days does - compared to the dollar value of OLife. And same with ShoreEx. So it is a matter of spirit “drinkers” or not, and preference of independent ShoreEx vs value of O ShoreEx in the final analysis isn’t it?
  19. r Robjame, For “drinkers” it makes sense. That is one of the best explanations I’ve seen regarding the beverage option. I’m still uncertain about the ShoreEx option, as when I select ShoreEx it prices out at list price if => $100 and <$200
  20. Remember TAB? Yuck! Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry is the nectar of the gods! (Hard to find due to the aluminum shortage and supply chain issues) Though if you saw Michael Douglas in “The Kominsky Method”, not with Jack Daniels
  21. How about Dr Pepper Diet? even better if Cherry? Former Royal Caribbean VP Lisa Bauer used to bring her own 12 pack of DR Pepper onboard, even though Royal Carib was a Coke only venue. I actually got a couple of hers from her assistant one time!
  22. Thanks Flatbush and pinotlover! You both provide concise and excellent - though differing - outlooks. The O ShoreEx are like all cruise lines, overpriced. And I hesitate to do the math as to what my bar bill would be on an individual basis! (Reminds me of the old days when my wife would sit at the end of the bed waiting until they slipped the bill under the door on the last night of the cruise! Then wake me up to holler about the bar charges! ) To the OP, as to the air question, it is a matter of control, flexibility, price, pre/post stays, etc. Back out the air and compare and contrast for the best deal for you.
  23. I was looking at air flights to Chile Jan2022. Discovered they are currently still on 10 day quarantine with possibility of 7 day effective 01Sep. Not good. https://cl.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/ With Princess and Celebrity canceling their SAmer plans, should we expect to hear from O soon?
  24. https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Oceania-Marina-606 Oceania Marina current location is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 45.68565 N / -7.96683 W) cruising at speed of 17 kn (31 kph/ 20 mph) en route to COPENHAGEN.
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