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  1. Had mine stolen off of the door the last night on a cruise out of Venice. I should have known it was coming since somebody was moving them around all through the cruise. I just had to get over it and realize that's always a risk. I think I found mine on some specialty site but I can't remember where...
  2. We did the drink package on a Christmas cruise that had a lot of sea days. Frankly, I didn't get my money's worth because there were days I didn't drink at all. We are considering buying it again for a transatlantic cruise...but for port intensive cruises, it's just not worth it to us. I'll only do it again if I can convince myself not to worry about whether or not I'm breaking even.
  3. I think he's referring to the administrative furlough (due to the sequester), which is different than a furlough due to a lapse in appropriations. Under the administrative furlough, agencies had to absorb the sequester cuts in their existing budgets, which some could do easier than others, so some agencies required fewer furlough days but all were unpaid days.
  4. We learned our lesson on our first cruise years ago. We were scheduled to fly out on Saturday, the same day as embarkation. There was an ice storm the Thursday before and the airports were closed all day Friday and Friday night. Luckily, they had opened back up for Saturday BUT there was a line of about 1000 people when we got to the airport. Even though we were two hours early, we wouldn't have made it through the line in time. We were lucky enough to grab a sky cap. At the gate, though, we were told our flight was delayed since the plane coming in was flying in from an area north of us that was still feeling the effects of the storm. We made it but with only about an hour to spare. Now, we fly in several days in advance. I look it as an opportunity to spent time in the port city and get a head start on our vacation.
  5. I'm very interested, including any stay you have in London. We are booked 2019, same ship, Canary Islands, Portugal and Spain. So please indulge me!
  6. Book it every night if you get the chance. If the on-line reservations appear to be taken, go there as soon as you board the ship and book there. I made the mistake of "giving up" when the time I wanted wasn't available on line and the head waiter there told me that they could have accommodated us if I had visited as soon as I boarded. The one night we ate there, it was fabulous. Take advantage of CK if you can!
  7. Another recommendation for Hotel 1898.
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