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  1. Thankyou both. Yes I tend to travel everywhere abroad with my own teabags! Glad that children are allowed in the Solarium pool. Although its a shame I'm having to pay adult fare for my daughter but she won't be able to use the adult pool as and when!
  2. Thankyou everyone for your help. It is much appreciated.
  3. Thankyou for the info on the drinks packages. Good to know they are sometimes on offer. If I booked the soda package, but then the refreshment package was on offer, could I upgrade to that?
  4. Thankyou for your reply. If I got soda from a bar with my soda package, would I have to pay a gratuity on it?
  5. Hello We are looking into August 2022 Alaska on Serenade of the Seas. We are 2 adults and a will be 13 year old. We have previously only cruised with Disney, but even before the prices are out next week, I know they will be too much! I have done some research, but still have a few questions if I may please - Soft drinks package. I understand its around $15pppd. Where can I get drinks from? Are there soda machines anywhere on the ship? Can I get a soft drink from the bar, and if so will a gratuity be added to my room account for being served a drink? I
  6. Thankyou, that's really helpful 🙂
  7. Thankyou everyone for your suggestions 🙂
  8. Its basically because we are thinking of doing a trip to Disneyland in California next August, and thought about flying upto Vancouver to do a whale watching trip. My daughter would love to see Orca's in the wild, hence the whale watching. But really there's not a lot else that I think would interest us in Vancouver ( 2 non sporty adults and a 13 year old) so thought about adding on a short cruise to make the trip upto Vancouver worthwhile. Thanks for your comments
  9. Hmm, ok thankyou! Back to the drawing board then lol!
  10. Hello all I was just wondering if anyone knew of any cruise lines who offer short (3/4 day) cruises to Alaska? Tia
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