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  1. Let's put this in perspective. The CDC also reports that close to 8000 people die in the US every day. And of those hundreds we've been discussing, many likely die "with" Covid and not "due to" Covid.
  2. Where has it been established that it needs boosters? Did you just make that up?
  3. Latest seven day average is 633 per CDC website. That said, I commend you for actually introducing some real data into this scrum. Of course, we can argue if deaths are being underreported or overreported, but your point is a good one. What we lack with the flu comparison (I think) is that vaccinations are less meaningful, since they're typically a best guess as to the next strain.
  4. This is a funny thread. Folks debating the "science," many of whom have clearly demonstrated that they don't even understand elementary school math (i.e. what a percentage is). That said, the signal to noise ratio (expressed as a percentage) coming out of the "expert science collective" is likely less than 10% at this point. We've never seen a scientific study of the effectiveness of masks or distancing. Only expert "opinions." At one time, the consensus expert opinion was that the earth was flat. 🤣 The only difference I see this time is that the chief expert/idiot said it was flat last
  5. Science? No. Government? Perhaps. Merchants? Yes. Unless the government legislates otherwise, merchants can and will say that you NEED a vaccine to buy their services. It is what it is. Not so much coercion as just who's making (up) the rules. Since I'm fully vaccinated, I no longer have a dog in this fight and hope to soon enjoy a cruise under whatever the rules are at that time.
  6. Thanks. I played around with Uber a bit yesterday and learned how the fares will vary minute by minute depending upon demand. The driver's app even has a color coded map showing them where in their areas have the highest demands (and thus the highest fares, which they get a percentage of). It's really a pretty cool system.
  7. I'm vaccinated for one reason and one reason only. I have a close family member who cares about me and is both highly educated in medicine and interacts daily with numerous competent doctors and residents. She encouraged me to get vaccinated. I don't care what I read on the internet, see on the "news," etc. If my PCP recommended otherwise, than I would have a decision to make. She didn't. I'm four weeks past the second Pfizer jab tomorrow, and haven't had a single side effect. Not even a sore arm. 😎 That's the nice thing about our second-to-none healthcare providers in this country. F
  8. Thanks. I just did. $62 UberXL from that hotel to POM, so $20 a person. I think you're right about that being a good option. Shared ride vans are fine, but they're usually a milk run (stopping at multiple locations) and many times they are very difficult to get into and out of the back seats. I'm not as young, flexible or lean as I used to be. 😁 I really need to get "comfortable" with Uber/Lyft, as they appear to be great options for many needs.
  9. Is UberXL a larger vehicle? I really don't know anything about Uber.
  10. There's still a lot of stupid going on. Hopefully it blows over by my October cruise.
  11. Yeah, I'm guessing that I was talking to somebody relatively new and since ships aren't sailing right now, they can't really be expected to know everything. The price is irrelevant. Whether it's $10, $20, $30 doesn't matter. Even for three people, it's cheaper/more simple than a rental car, so that's the way we'll play it. I just want to get back onto a ship!
  12. Thanks. In the grand scheme of things, the costs to get to the POM are meaningless. I'll do whatever is easiest at a reasonable cost. Uber may be a non-starter because we will have three people with luggage. A shuttle will work well and I know I'll get to the right place.
  13. Yeah, I confirmed about three times that I was talking about port of Miami. Like I said, I'll confirm again when it gets closer.
  14. Thanks for responding. Hyatt House is the one I talked to. Originally I was thinking of taking the hotel free shuttle back to FLL and then paying NCL $25 to take their bus to the ship. I called the hotel just to confirm that all would work as planned, and that is when I was told about $10 option direct from hotel. I'll likely double check (everything) when the cruise is closer. It's good to have options. The rental car option moved way back when I found out what my real costs would be. Also, I like the ease of just taking direct shuttles. If the $10 isn't the right cost in October, it
  15. We're flying into FLL in October day before cruise departing Port of Miami. Initial thought was rental car, hotel in Miami, drop off car near port next morning and take rental shuttle to ship. Upon further review, I now see the option to stay at hotel by FLL with free airport shuttle and take a shuttle direct from hotel to Port next morning. Hotel claims that they have a shuttle for $10 per person from hotel to port of Miami. Is this the best option? We fly in late night before, so little time for "sightseeing" prior to cruise. Thx.
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