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  1. I believe it! hahaha, it's a little crazy, but SO pretty much never has any big requests for trips? so if the one thing that will really make his first vacation in two years great is burgers whenEVER he wants, gotta at least try and make that happen!
  2. Hi there! Sorry, must have been unclear, we don't have one yet. We are open to prettttty much anything at this point, and the starting point is the burgers. 🤣
  3. Hi All! We've just started planning for our second cruise, and SO's ONLY request for the ENTIRE trip is that whatever ship or cruise we choose have a place to get burgers 24 hours a day. So, any suggestions for cruise lines/ships that have 24 hour burgers? OR if you just want to share the best burgers you've had on a ship? Best hours of a burger place on a ship? Best middle of the night included room service burgers in a ship? All appreciated!
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