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  1. Hi, the CDC ban on cruises longer than 7 days has an end date of Oct. 31, 2021. We are booked for a 14 day the end of Nov. 2021, panama canal out of NOLA which was a shift of our cancelled Nov 2020 cruise with the same itinerary.
  2. Yup, agreed. But it is specific to embarkation day. No statement regarding not being able to bring additional cans of soda on board at ports of call.
  3. Okay, thanks. I agree with your point what Carnival states regarding embarkation quotas, but it doesn't explicitly state or negate restocking at ports of call as, from what I could find, Carnival doesn't address this anywhere on their site. Ergo my question here. A few others have posted that it appears to be acceptable to do so.
  4. Could you elaborate on the "Not legally" comment? Is there somewhere on Carnivals website that addresses this?
  5. Brother and I are booked for a 14 day cruise and we aren't heavy drinkers of the wobbly pop or umbrella drink varieties. A can or two per day pp = more than the initial embarkation allotment.
  6. Hi all, I tried in vain searching for an answer to my question but the search filter system here is not very robust. Decided to ask after looking through multiple pages of search results. I know we can bring on 12 cans of soda/pp at embarkation, but can you restock from a port of call? Thanks in advance and regards
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