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  1. We sailed in a Sky Suite on the Summit in July. I would say the main benefit will be the ability to eat in either Luminae or Blu (we had no problem switching back and forth), and the service you would receive. The staff in the Retreat on the Summit was exceptional - they will pamper you like crazy!
  2. We were able to freely shop dockside vendors at Aruba and Curaçao. In Barbados, our ‘ship bubble’ excursion let us off at the port building where a few vendors and the restrooms were open. You could not just get off the ship and shop in Barbados. Also, on ship excursions we were not allowed to buy anything from vendors roaming the beach.
  3. On our recent Summit cruise, that area was mostly used for basketball.
  4. LOL, my husband was very excited to find cans of Mountain Dew at a store in Curacao -- he brought them on board with no issue.
  5. All adults are required to be vaccinated on the Summit, so no need. As the tech was explained to us by one of the Summit officers, the data from the tracelet is only accessed if a guest tests positive. Then the data is checked to see which other tracelets that one has had extended close proximity to, and the folks wearing those tracelets are quarantined/retested. No one is monitoring your actions or storing how much time you spent at the Martini Bar 😁. Someone above asked about the purple wristband - they used those for excursion bus ID on our sailing....
  6. Masks required in the embarkation terminal and while boarding/disembarking at each port. Masks were required on excursion buses and in taxis and shuttles on St. Maarten. Many shops in the ports required/requested masks.
  7. They are the nostril test. Very non-invasive. It was probably the most comfortable test I have experienced.
  8. The crew on the Summit started wearing Tracelets yesterday. Word is passengers on the July 10 sailing will receive them. (ps - all passengers on the current Summit sailing tested negative this morning.)
  9. An update from the Summit - as of last night, I saw some officers wearing the bracelets. They are blue with a plain white circle where a watch would be. No word on whether these will be expanded to passengers soon.
  10. I am on the Summit right now, and can say that there are NO tracelets in use. No masks for guests, but crew are masked.
  11. We are on the July 3 sailing. The pre-boarding email from Celebrity didn’t mention those.
  12. We are sailing this Saturday on the Summit, and we were only able to check in about a week ago......
  13. "Thanks" to American airlines' mass cancellation of flights, we have found ourselves staying one night in St. Maarten after our July 3 cruise on the Millenium. We are staying at the Holland House prior to the sailing, so were thinking of checking out one of the resorts closer to the airport. Both Divi Little Bay and Simpson Bay Resort and Simpson Bay Villas keep coming in up in all our searches - any recommendations? Personal experiences? Thanks!
  14. How was CLT coming back? We are flying to SXM next week via MIA down two days before the cruise, but CLT back the day after....
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