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  1. Thank you, Twitchly - for the very detailed and personal review, especially the parts about Amsterdam. My wife and I are planning a Christmas trip up the Rhine on Viking (Basel to Amsterdam) and planning to spend Christmas (about 4 days) in Amsterdam after we disembark. But after your comments, maybe not. Never been to Amsterdam and I'm wondering if we'd be better off spending Christmas somewhere else. WRT the cruise: Given all the comments people have made about the reprieve the 3 days at sea gives them, I'm thinking I'll opt for Trade Routes and postpone Viking Homelands until next yea
  2. Great. Thanks for the information. Would like to see your detailed review.
  3. Curious if anyone has taken the Trade Routes of the Middle Ages cruise. I'm interested - but I'm wondering if having as many as three days at sea in a 15-day itinerary is going to take too much away from the experience of visiting interesting places ashore. My alternative is Viking Homelands - and that has one day at sea. Thank you. -TMS
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