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  1. Thank you! Much appreciated.
  2. Can someone remind me what the Bahamian government said to use for the address at final destination? Is this the port address?
  3. Destination Experiences stated this is an "error" they are trying to sort out but can manually override. I would suggest reaching out to your TA or Personal Vacation Consultant in the meantime. Our Consultant did mention he does not anticipate chairs selling out and could furthermore be booked onboard. He did complete for us however and is showing on our PCPC. If you're like me I would rather complete prior to sailing so we do not have to book dining, shore ex, spa, etc. the first day... Now on a positive note.... 59 days to sailing!
  4. FYI - I did email our Cruise Consultant at Crystal regarding the above error messages. He has opened a ticket internally - citing an MPX issue. No response yet on a fix, however they are aware.
  5. Please add us: July 3 - R/T Nassau, aputt, Tonya & Andrew
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