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  1. @Keith1010 would love to hear your thoughts on this. I know the 100% vaccination was important in your decision to book and sail.
  2. Simple solution for Crystal… don’t stop in Miami. Why was Miami added to the itinerary? They can claim it was for bunkering or provisions or anything else under the sun. Or was it to embark guests who do not want to fly to the Bahamas? It certainly sounds like a $$$ issue and trying to fill the sailings. They may get some additional bookings out of this but I think they’re ruining relations with long standing Crystal loyalists…
  3. Well if it’s anything like the thousand other changes they have made since announcing this itinerary if enough people call and complain they’ll change it again next week 😝 But in all seriousness I think this is extremely poor on Crystal’s part. Soon they’ll be going down market to find some Carnival cruisers in Miami to fill the ship.
  4. While we were on the July 3rd initial voyage I would be highly upset of this change if on upcoming sailings. Many guests specifically booked with the understanding and expectation these would be fully vaccinated sailings. Given the smaller size of the ship I would be very leery of having unvaccinated passengers and being in the same vicinity for contact tracing purposes. Yes, the space per passenger may be greater than many mega liners, at capacity, however that space will be slowly consumed and smaller if they get to 900 passengers on a sailing… I do not feel this is fair to those who booked and are already taking risks in having to fly in/out of the Bahamas and test negative for return flights home. Poor on Crystals behalf and shows they’re looking for $$$.
  5. Glad to hear they got the breakfast situation figured out for you and future Crystal guests. The breakfast tickets are new so they must have made some changes and clarification for the staff in Cleo.
  6. They actually had a bellhop collect from outside of your room. We did call the Front Desk and inform them our luggage was ready for collection as we were unsure they would collect otherwise - given the issues we had to-date at the hotel. We went to breakfast and came back to find our luggage collected and at the entrance for pickup with everyone else from Crystal. Very easy... just take any hand luggage or items you want to carry-on to the convention center. We did find our luggage was delivered almost immediately after our arrival to the ship as I believe they took all the SLS bags while we were at the Convention Center testing/waiting for the 1pm boarding.
  7. You will have to walk from the hotel to the convention center. It is connected via a walkway through the casino and very short in distance. Super easy to find, just follow the signage to the convention center. You can go over anytime in the morning, however after completing the COVID test you will be waiting in one of the ballrooms. They will not allow you to board earlier than your assigned time and will shuttle you via buses or private transfer (If booked) at that time. I would not suggest going over more than 2 hours in advance as it was a pretty efficient and quick process to complete the rapid COVID test. Eventually the ballroom starts to fill and be out of seats until the first group of passengers at 1pm leaves.
  8. We did print our negative test results just to be safe however did not need them at the airport. If you use VERIFLY and complete prior to check-in they will only ask to see the VERIFLY confirmation. I will note, the airport is extremely understaffed for the amount of passengers arriving from both Crystal and RCC ships. Check-in was a very long process even with AA Priority or VERIFLY. Once you get through the initial check-in and bags drop, clearing security and US Customs is quick as there was little to no line given the backlog at counter check-in. Safe travels!
  9. Yes and no… The restaurant staff still said only the continental breakfast so we decided to get eggs and pay for them. Upon check-out they zeroed out our breakfast charges. However, other guests we heard still had issues with breakfast charges and other items. It seems to be dependent on who closed your folio and whether you question any of the charges with the Front Desk. The cruise however was excellent and relaxing after the Baha Mar experience. I hope you all enjoy just as much as we did onboard.
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