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  1. We did our at a small place off Junc 11 of the M4 heading down the A33. We are in Bracknell
  2. Yep the batch numbers show on our vaccination record app. I think it’s the EU being angry with the U.K. for leaving the EU. Hopefully it will settle down as there are quite a number of countries that will not accept it.
  3. Mia to Bcn via Lisbon $510 each. Skyscanner is a U.K. based site so all taxes etc will be shown and included. You can show prices in multiple currencies including USD.
  4. Exactly, 8 weeks is the earliest and you will not get around it either! My first jab came from the 5million does made in India for AZ!
  5. We are doing well here in the U.K. Even though the mask mandate was lifted 19 July a large number of the population are still using them (me included) at the supermarket etc. I am not hugging my friends. The minimum between jabs is 8 weeks and you cannot get round this. It is becoming noticeable that places are asking to see proof of your vaccination, we have an NHS app. I.e no jabs, no holidays, restrictions. Young men seem to be the worse! I think when each country followed their own science it’s going to be really difficult. I was on the RCI cruise from Southampton on 15July, all twice jabbed and proof, PCR test before however only for British residents. The government are only just looking at letting overseas British residents back into the country as they were not vaccinated here! The travel industry as a whole is on its knees.
  6. Also if you can go from Miami there will be more options. Just had a quick look prices start from $300 each.
  7. Try the Skyscanner site, it checks all airlines, direct and with connections.
  8. The shows were only available to book on the app i.e when you were connected to the ship WiFi. It’s a very good system, if you want speciality restaurants book early. TheWonderland restaurant is small!
  9. As a lady I wore tailored shorts, a blouse and loafers absolutely fine! I wore corporate business wear for 20 odd years, I am on holiday!
  10. Wear what you like, on the 7/7 sailing it was not very formal at all.
  11. July 20th cruises are back on sale so who knows what the capacity will be. We had 1000 passengers and 1300 crew!
  12. We got a very cheap Royal Up so used Coastal Kitchen. We went to the lounge on deck 12 and it was empty.
  13. I could only print them from my computer not the phone app.
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