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  1. nanuak

    Weather and waves in November

    We sail the western route out of Texas at the end of October, beginning of November. We have experienced nice weather in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.
  2. nanuak

    Fruit Supreme with Wine

    [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]I have previously ordered the supreme fruit basket. We enjoyed the nuts/cheese/crackers/wine, but most of the fruit went to waste as there is such a large selection offered in the buffet YMMV.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  3. [COLOR="Purple"][SIZE="3"]I would choose the Conquest over Magic. Although I loved all of the new food choices/places, and bells/whistles on the Magic, I don't believe I will ever sail her again. I am not sure if there was something wrong with the stabilizers (lots of cabin movement), but it was the worst sleep I have ever gotten on a vacation. I have always loved aft-wrap cabins.... until the Magic :([/SIZE][/COLOR]
  4. I'm really going to miss talking to everyone :(
  5. We loved meeting all of you, and would love to cruise as a CC group again :D. Bonnie...Thanks so much for the debarkation tags :D, we were in the car and on the road by 9:00AM. Sara, I am still rocking too :) Brandon, It must have been your identical twin that sat across from us at the last party, I could have sworn you took the majority of the drinks on the servers tray :eek::D:eek: Although this wasn't our best cruise, we had a good cruise, and all the CC'ers really made it a lot of fun. I love the colors/decoration on the interior of the ship, and the Red Frog pub had great food/great atmosphere. I couldn't really help myself, but I kept comparing the Conquest (Love her) to the Magic and I was a little disillusioned. Maybe I was so excited about a new ship, that I thought it would be a million times better than the Conquest. I am not sure if there was something wrong with the stabilizers, but our cabin rocked and shook like an epileptic on speed. I have always read about the motion in the aft cabins, but this was the first time we really experienced the shaking. Sloan would say it felt like we hit a whale; but if that was the case... we hit every whale in the ocean. We also had a lot of soot on our balcony, some of the pieces were the size of quarters... really strange as we had not ever experienced this on our other aft-wraps. We never said anything to our wonderful steward Rasha, but apparently others did and they were always spraying down and washing the balcony and furniture. I'm not sure if I want to sail on the Magic again, I might have to look into driving to New Orleans and sail on the Conquest again. I got the survey from Carnival, but I haven't completed it yet.
  6. [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]Good Morninrg! See ya'll in Galveston this afternoon :D[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  7. nanuak

    When do you put Luggage tags on

    I put my on today :D We drive to Galveston tomorrow morning, and sail on Sunday...WOOHOO!!!!
  8. [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]Packing is done, except for toiletries and pillows. Just took my bird to Tree Top for boarding, and my SIL will come to check on the dogs.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]Good Morning, see ya'll tomorrow :D:D[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  10. [quote name='MyThirdGen'][url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsWrY77o77o[/url][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]OMG... Very funny Brandon![/SIZE][/COLOR]
  11. [quote name='celeste cruiser']Hello everyone, my name is Angie aka Spanky Sister #2 (isnt' that right Randy?? Am I #2?? DO DO). Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be sailing on this ship with you guys. And in exactly 10 minutes I will officially be on VACATION... We will be heading to Galveston bright and early on Saturday morning. Hopefully with packed suitcases. Just thought I would introduce myself........[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="4"]Hey Angie!!! Get busy packing, its almost time to go :D:D [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  12. [quote name='daveandmisty']holy crap Sara that was funny as hell! misty is the pedi person and her and a neighbor get the flowa all time cause "it chan you rife"[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]Me too... gotta love the flowa :D[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]Ahhhhh.... I am so ready for fresh sea breezes, and being rocked to sleep by the ship :D[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  14. [quote name='MyThirdGen']I went 154 last week on the way to work. I got there pretty early!! That is definitely not an everyday occurrence though. It's in the sticks at midnight with nobody on the road. I would never do that if there was a chance of hurting anyone other than myself.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]Holy moly, that's fast! I think the fastest I have ever driven was 120 between Dallas and Ft.Worth on I30. I was following my boyfriend at the time to drop his Porsche off, and I didn't know where the shop was located. I was not a very happy camper when we stopped, and my legs were trembling :eek: [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  15. [quote name='Lefty Writer'][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=indigo]One word: CHECKLIST[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#4b0082][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#4b0082]We constantly refine our cruise checklist, and find that if nothing else, it puts our mind to rest about whether or not we are forgetting anything.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#4b0082][/COLOR][/FONT] :cool:[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]I also have a vacation packing list on my laptop, one for cruises and one for land vacations :o[/SIZE][/COLOR]