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  1. We boarded Meraviglia on Saturday. We were upgraded and it moved our time to 2:00. The rental car still had to be returned before 11, so we showed up at the pier nearly 3 hrs early. No one batted an eye and we were on board, drink in hand, in less than 30 minutes.
  2. Because it's marketed as "free", without making it clear that in this case, free means unencumbered - not 'without cost' And, if you even notice the fine print, you don't realize that it's 20% of what is probably the highest cost per-day drink package at sea
  3. Maybe the OP has something more important to do than come back here. Or maybe the OP was tired of the implication that he/she is lying or being unreasonable. When I buy something I want to get what I bought and not a surprise substitute. Seems reasonable. Not all cabins are the same. We pay more to pick our cabin. Otherwise it would just be like booking a hotel. And I know what the TOS say. Doesn't mean it's good customer service to sub something just because they can.
  4. On my last NCL cruise I found out at check-in that my cabin had been given away, actually to someone on a B2B. I had a long list of reasons why I booked that particular cabin (as I do every.single. time. Otherwise I'd save money booking a category guarantee). The reasons are my business only. I boarded and spent two hours at guest services, missed sailaway, but got the cabin I had paid for. In the end they were pretty nasty about it, telling me they didn't want to hear any further complaints from me. It was my last NCL cruise and no, loyalty doesn't matter. I was Platinum which was the highest level at the time. I had Princess move us once without notification. It took 3 weeks of arguing before I got my cabin back. That took my big TA with far more clout than I have.
  5. I googled this and find it especially interesting that news of the acquisition and news of the testing change? Reported/happened at the same time. Not sure what to make of that
  6. Sad to say I think I'm done until I'm sure I've had Covid or the testing stops for vaccinated people. I cancelled my September cruise. There's no science behind this zero case goal. It's ridiculous that the government, media and the perpetually afraid, expect a world without flu and/or cold symptoms (which is what happens to the vaccinated). This absolute stupidity will destroy the industry. And I don't blame the cruise lines, not at all. The Carnival board has a family in quarantine in Texas because half of them tested positive. Half. Americans quarantined in America, where the virus has been running rampant for 18 months.
  7. Said with such authority but... doesn't seem likely given today's CDC report https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7031e2.htm?s_cid=mm7031e2_w Maybe it's just caused by a virus. Viruses mutate and humans get sick. People can do everything right and still get sick - so blame the virus, not the people. The vaccine didn't make the virus go away, it made it survivable.
  8. What happened to the cabin reviews? Along with ship reviews, they're probably the most useful research tool. I saw a post from November acknowledging that they're missing, but nothing since. So what happened? Where are they?
  9. I guess my wish is more about being vaccinated but needing a test to enter the other country. But their country, their rules. As for your return? Yeah, not a lot of sense being made there.
  10. I don't know which Help forum. Can you post a link and I will look? I would love to know why such a helpful feature is MIA
  11. My big fear is also testing positive at any point. I felt freer last fall flying to Mexico pre-vaccine. I wish 1. No testing for Vaccinated people boarding And 2. Vaccinated American citizens without symptoms, being permitted to return home (where Covid is everywhere), without a test As long as the testing continues, my vacation is always at risk. I'd feel better if I knew I'd already had Covid
  12. Divina was my first MSC ship, and I enjoyed it very much. Yes, some things are quite different, but that's not always a bad thing. I'm now diamond with MSC My Epic cruise (when it was new) is a large part of why I haven't sailed NCL since 2009. It was my last NCL cruise- and I'm platinum. So obviously YMMV lol
  13. Why aren't cabin reviews accessible? This is CruiseCRITIC, right? I haven't had any luck getting into that section for months. Seems odd that it hasn't been fixed, if it's just a glitch.
  14. The ruling about the CDC's conditional sail order is separate from the Florida vaccination-related LAW(it was an executive order, passed by the legislature,signed into law in May. It took effect July 1st). The Florida law forbids denial of service based on vaccination status. It's a state issue. Yesterday the appeals court allowed CDC rules for cruises to stand. The CDC CSO is about vaccination min/max for passengers and more, and it's a federal issue. As for school requirements, schools require certain vaccines. The problem here is that the Covid vaccines haven't been approved yet. They're under an emergency authorization only. Up to now, only approved vaccines were/could be required.
  15. No amount of common sense will get some people to let go of the idea that it's forever March 2020, convinced that hundreds of unvaccinated passengers will test positive. And cruising will stop forever. What's more likely to kill cruising is knowing that the numbers of vaxxed/not-vaxxed doesn't matter. Quarantine is a possibility no matter what. A couple individuals last week, but it could easily be more next time. When cruising starts in the US, what's the threshold 1-1.5%? That's 9 people max on that 600 person limited capacity sailing. Of course, that doesn't further the narrative that vaccination is the way back to normal. So, like the no-mask changes on land, hopefully they'll drop testing for asymptomatic vaccinated people onboard, to encourage vaccination.
  16. So when does it end? When does the testing end? Because as long as they're testing, there's always the chance of doing everything right, but becoming one of those "select few". I hate the idea of spending a lot of money to be healthy, vaccinated, and confined to my cabin. Much as I love cruising, I don't think I want to roll those dice.
  17. It seems that Florida wants the CDC to take the hit, rather than the cruise lines i.e. require vaccination (and explain why cruises have different rules than anything else), if that's what they want for international travel. The CDC is instead forcing onerous rules on unvaccinated cruising, while not actually forcing an unapproved vaccine. It's still coercion though, just not in writing. They're forcing vaccination, and letting the cruise lines and the states take the blame for anyone getting vaccinated just to cruise. It makes the governor (s) and cruise lines the bad guys, when it's the CDC calling all the shots.
  18. Please check the website I have posted 3 times now. It's not a slice of statistics, it's raw numbers from the CDC. I don't know where you're getting this info on variants affecting the young
  19. https://gis.cdc.gov/grasp/covidnet/COVID19_5.html Weekly covid hospitalizations, can filter by age.
  20. The verifiable fact is that hospitalizations are down for children. https://gis.cdc.gov/grasp/covidnet/COVID19_5.html
  21. Last week 31 children were admitted to a hospital. Not this hospital--- In the entire country. How many could this one hospital have, to justify this kind of "hospitalizations are up" fear mongering?
  22. I know that it's been in the news this weekend that hospitalizations are up for the young, but the numbers don't support it. I question the motives of media that spreads this kind of fear, when hospitalizations for those under 18 average about 1 per state, each week. Hardly numbers that justify mass vaccination of children. Check for yourself: https://gis.cdc.gov/grasp/covidnet/COVID19_5.html
  23. I've missed ports, and had the times severely limited, because of medical emergencies -- caused by returning to ports and 2 or 3 helicopter evacuations. Didn't hear much "but but my cruise .." Because that kind of selfishness didn't used to be tolerated. This is the same, but a disheartening number of people don't see it. A tiny number of people without immunity will be cruising. That same tiny number has managed to survive 15+ months without being infected. They will all be tested before boarding. It's a seven day cruise, and contrary to popular opinion, cruising isn't any more dangerous than a trip to the grocery store. I doubt that people who've avoided human contact for over a year, are going to throw caution to the wind and take a cruise. Most everyone willing to cruise right now, is protected/recovered or exposed on a regular basis. And still healthy.
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