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  1. I don't see any of the AI perks in my reservation details on the Celebrity portal (except for the OBC). On my Sep Apex cruise, I just assumed that the AI perks would automatically activate once I'm onboard. Not true in my case. My wife had no problem on her Wifi package, but they showed I did not get a Wifi package when I was told when booking it was included. The concierge had to work with the IT guy on board to get my Wifi package activated. If the reservation details would reliably list what's included, I could have taken care of it before I got on board.
  2. While I love Celebrity and agree their onboard service is fantastic, I do wish they would invest a bit more effort into making their reservation portal more informative. How hard is it to list what perks are part of a reservation?
  3. The row below from Jeremiah1212's chart is also confusing. "Excludes a la carte items" would suggest that Sushi on 5 and Raw on 5 are excluded from the Unlimited Complimentary Specialty Dining for RS. In the past and from reports I've seen on current sailings, Sushi on 5 and Raw on 5 are included as Unlimited Specialty Dining for RS and above--has this changed?
  4. By the way, how much is the savings of a resident rate on an RS over what is offered with AI? And what state do you need to be a resident of?
  5. While what you state is clearly correct pre-AI, I am not so sure that is true now, given how Celebrity is marketing AI and the specific amenities of RS suite and above. The impression I get from Celebrity's description of AI and RS/above amenities is that pre-paid gratuities, Internet package, and Premium drink package are part of AI, and not part of RS/above amenities, which include only laundry, unlimited specialty dining, minibar setup, two complimentary bottles of premium spirits, VIP canapes. If someone can confirm one way or the other, that would probably be the first time I've seen it post-AI. and is there such a thing as a Simply Sail rate for RS and above?
  6. Date of Cruise: 9/25/2021 Ship: Apex Cabin #: Initially, 10122, 3 days later, 10150 Deck #: 10 Cabin Category: 10122 is S2, 10150 is S1 Cabin Location: 10122 is near front elevator bank, 10150 is near center of ship Bed Position: Faces balcony Balcony Type: Regular balcony Balcony/Window Size: As wide as the room Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: None Balcony Overhang?: None Magic Carpet Issues?: None in 10122. With 10150, folks on the Magic Carpet when on deck 14 can see the balcony if they are at the end of the Magic Carpet--but not a concern for us. Noise Issues?: 10122 (had noisy neighbors who partied late into the night and were chatting it up at 4am, and woke us up early every morning). We were moved to 10150 after complaining, and 10150 was extremely quiet. Wind Issues?: None Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: None Suite Details: Very comfortable suites--love the bed; nice bathrooms--love how there is a slider in the bathroom that opens up so we can see out the balcony from the bathroom. Easy access to the Retreat Lounge and Sun Deck up the front stairs or elevators. Advantages/Problems/Comments: None. With respect to the late partiers next to us, that is not something Celebrity can really control, except to move us away from them. Would You Book It Again?: Yes Photos or Photo Links:
  7. No the comp Apex 2022 cruise was from my casino play in 2019 prior to the shutdown. The comped cruise was originally on the Edge in 2021, which was cancelled and moved to the Apex in 2022.
  8. In a nutshell, the Key West authorities are actively trying to get around the state overrule, so the situation is in flux.
  9. Do you know if the earned future cruise credit can be applied to further discount an already discounted booking? For example, we sailed the Apex in Greece recently and gambled every evening at the tables, presumably earning the future cruise credit. I upgraded my comp Apex W Caribbean sailing in Jan 2022 to an Edge Villa, by paying what I think is the delta between Aqua and EV. If I can save more money by applying the future cruise credit, then I'll give BCC a call and ask for a further discount.
  10. It has been 2 days since we cancelled our 1bd ATS with Royal directly, but it still shows as active in our account and I have not yet received a cancellation email. Is this normal? I would expect them to quickly process the cancellation so they can give the room to someone else who may be waitlisted or who wants to purchase outright.
  11. As I noted above, we were downgraded from Owner's Panoramic Suite to 1-Bd ATS. Royal agent tried real hard to convince me not to cancel because we get to keep Star Class benefits and how nice the ATS is, blah, blah, blah--nice guy. However, we lost a lot of square footage from our suite, so cancelled. If anyone interested, there should be a 1-Bd ATS that just opened up on the May 22 sailing from Barcelona.
  12. Interesting discussion of Princess vs Celebrity. I've been thinking of booking the Ruby Princess out of SF (literally a 30 min drive away for me) but have been hesitant because of the lack of high end suite amenities like they have on Celebrity (butler, Retreat lounge, Retreat sundeck, dedicated suite restaurant). Also I was concerned about some negative reviews about the age of Ruby. For anyone who has sailed the Ruby, how was the suite experience on Ruby (I understand I will not get any of the dedicated suite amenities that Celebrity offers but wanted to know if the overall suite experience was nevertheless satisfactory)?
  13. we were on the Apex Sky Suite After check in and the COVID test at the terminal, a staff member pointed us and everyone else in the general direction of the ship. We walked through the security screening and another 200 feet to the ship, whereupon we took the elevator straight to our room. The room key was right outside and we dropped our bags off and went to the Luminae for lunch--Luminae is fantastic by the way (both food and service). We did not meet our Retreat Host until we ran into her accidentally in the hallway on the way back to our room after lunch. Our Retreat Host was simply amazing.
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