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  1. Socks & sandals sound fine to me. Enjoy
  2. I’ve done both of these cruises with Princess. Worth it to do both IMO
  3. I’ll be following, since this cruise was cancelled for me. Hope all goes well!
  4. Sorry to hear that I just saw on fb UK , US, updated re: requirements for flights easing up in October and Canada on green list pre departure test not required day 2 test still needed at this time
  5. Are there more changes coming Oct 2021 for entering UK re: testing? Saw something on travel wise today for “ green” countries
  6. Yes, through Customer Relations gave me an email to get it sorted out - took full refund & booked for next fall instead I usually get emails from Princess, just no notice about loss of elite benefits this time. No problem as I check cc once a week
  7. I knew right away from reading it on here. I usually get notices, but recently had issue with my Alaska cruise cancelled in error by Princess.
  8. No I was not told either. Have booked with TA and also directly with Princess. 3 cruises booked- no notice as elites.
  9. I’ve had an aft corner Vista suite and loved the location and space, bathroom, large balcony it was on the Dawn Princess, so different then the Sky I prefer a deluxe balcony midship. Would go for decks Caribe or Baja never had a forward cabin as I’ve heard can be windy & balcony may not be used at times
  10. Let’s hope you don’t have to worry about this and can enjoy your cruise take precautions to keep you safe
  11. As far as the rental car. I suggest letting them know you tested positive for covid when renting and dropping it off and what about stopping at restaurants and washrooms along the way? 2-3 day drive from Ft Lauderdale to Ontario-Quebec
  12. re: car rental Would Princess have a medical professional clear you to drive home rather then quarantine?
  13. Call Princess and ask about cancellation penalty
  14. Of course none of us know , do we? If testing is required next March and Princess offers test at pier in Uk, as they are now, then this is our plan
  15. Substitute was a sea day when we missed it
  16. Glad you got it sorted out. I am still waiting for the $3830 refund Princess owes me. This is the cancellation fee that was to be waived because Princess cancelled my cruise & flights in error. They certainly know how to lose my Loyalty
  17. I have the same feeling about this as you. Some on the current Alaska cruises have said there is smoking in the casino. Even though the mask protocol is in place this week Certainly don’t care for that. And masks off when having a drink anywhere on ship- this week’s M&G
  18. Your TA should be giving you something I am still trying to resolve a cancellation error Princess made 2 weeks ago They have created one mess after another. Future bookings will be made through a Travel Agency.
  19. Don’t file a dispute with credit card company too soon. That can drag out refund. Your TA can reverse that quickly
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