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  1. Does anyone know whether transiting passengers on B2B voyages can take a Silversea excursion offered to disembarking guests? We know everyone must vacate their suite on the last day of a voyage for deep cleaning of the ship and for those passengers continuing on to the next voyage, there seems to be very limited excursions offered to those continuing on to the next port. Has anyone ever taken an excursion designated for disembarking guests and gone back to the ship at the end of the excursion rather than to the airport? Does Silversea allow this?
  2. Bobolz, below is my response to your original thread from a couple of days ago: We were not notified of our June 12 Galapagos cruise being cancelled until May 11, so we got a 30 day notice. Ours was the last cruise to be cancelled before Silversea resumed its voyages in the Galapagos the following week on June 19. I had seen others on this forum comment they were given 60 or more days notice, but now I think it varies and for some regions, they are truly waiting until the last minute to decide whether to resume sailing.
  3. We were not notified of our June 12 Galapagos cruise being cancelled until May 11, so we got a 30 day notice. Ours was the last cruise to be cancelled before Silversea resumed its voyages in the Galapagos the following week on June 19. I had seen others on this forum comment they were given 60 or more days notice, but now I think it varies and for some regions, they are truly waiting until the last minute to decide whether to resume sailing.
  4. May I offer an alternative view? I understand seasoned Silversea guests have a right to be irritated at this new added service they won't use or can't use, but I, as a new upcoming Silversea guest, am grateful they are doing what they can to stay afloat during these uncertain times so that I can experience what you have come to enjoy and love about Silversea. Is it a ploy to line their already overstuffed pockets? Maybe, but companies raise the price of their goods and services all the time and more often than not, they do not offer more, sometimes they offer less. The prices on just about everything has skyrocketed over the past year, so incremental increases in the base fare for an added service is a disappointment for some but not really a surprise for others. I'm sure its been discussed many times on this forum that Silversea sets themselves apart from other cruise lines that offer cheap base fares, but then nickel and dime you for everything. People choose Silversea for a variety of reasons and some of us pay for perks in our base fare we would rather not have or use, like a butler or caviar or unlimited alcoholic drinks or excursions, etc. while others enjoy them. If Silversea starts making perks like these optional, they become just another cruise line.
  5. Looking forward to reading your review of your trip on the Moon Lois R. I followed your commentary while you were on board and it was great. We'll be on the Moon next spring for 37 days and we can't wait!
  6. I fully expect this will take several calls to the SS Agent to remind them to add the cancelled cruise days to our Loyalty Statement. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  7. This service will benefit some but not all. In our case, we live 30 miles from the airport and its a 45 minute drive without traffic. Counting the cruise days and added on days before and after the cruise, we will be gone 45 days. The cheapest parking is $5 a day at the airport plus tax. Private transportation is a little cheaper or more expensive, depending on who you use. Hotel park and fly options do not guarantee the safety of your vehicle where I live. Same for airport parking. I agree, relying on someone else to pick you up is risky, regardless of whether its a taxi, uber or other private transport. No matter who you use, they will not be responsible if you miss your flight.
  8. Just looked at the Silversea email announcement again and it states "new bookings" so I guess that answers my question. $398 is pretty steep...
  9. I think the $199 pp is for voyages departing prior to March 30, 2022. What I don't know is whether they will charge you for it if you booked your cruise prior to today. This service is now an included benefit but it was not when we booked the cruise in May. I did the math on my cabin class and it went up $90pp from what it was last week when I checked. The price had been holding steady since we booked the cruise.
  10. I just emailed my Silversea Rep to inquire whether this service will be extended to those who already have cruises booked after March 30, 2022. My itinerary in the My Silversea Portal does not include the airport transfers.
  11. Georges Taxi website indicates the day tours depart from Athens or Pireaus accommodation or from the airport, so yes, they can pick you up from your hotel in Athens, from the port in Pireaus or from the airport to do a tour. I did notice however that unlike the tour company Lois R recommended above, their drivers are not licensed tour guides, so they do not accompany you into the sites or act as a tour guide inside the sites. My comments are based on what is stated in Georges Taxi's website. Others who have actually used their service may want to elaborate on their own personal experience.
  12. I finally spoke with our Silversea Rep and asked whether we would be receiving Venetian Society credit for the number of days of our cancelled cruise in June. He replied, 'Oh yes", indicating he needed to run it thru management to have them credit our Loyalty Statement. We have never sailed with Silversea and the cancelled cruise in June would have been our first. We took a FCC and immediately applied it to another voyage in 2022. Of course, time will tell if we get credit. I'll keep checking my statement and will follow up with our Rep if its not credited by the end of the month.
  13. Thanks so much Lois R, this sounds like a good option for us. I've been following your posts over the past few weeks which have been so helpful. We sail on the Moon March 30, 2022 - our first Silversea cruise.
  14. Thanks fdnycruiser and TLCOhio for your recommendation. Our trip is 8 months out, but it's never too early to start planning. In the meantime, we'll enjoy your thread TLCOhio and be armchair travelers until our turn comes!
  15. We are booked on SS's Gran Mediterranean Voyage in 2022 and will be staying in Athens for 3 days prior to sailing. The Silversea hotel location is in the center of town within walking distance to several areas of interest but we're looking for recommendations of tour guides who do private day tours to Delphi, Argolis, Cape Sounio, etc. I found George's Taxi that has several good reviews. Has anyone used this tour or know of others?
  16. So happy I saw this thread. We will be taking the Grand Mediterranean Voyage next year that starts in Athens and ends in Lisbon. This type of tour company is exactly what we wanted. We weren't sure whether we would be extending our trip in Lisbon post cruise, but this has given us several options. Thanks Wes W for this recommendation. We would like to find something similar in Athens pre cruise. We will arrive in Athens three days prior to the day of embarkation.
  17. I've sent an inquiry to my SS Rep. Will post his response once I hear back. Thanks.
  18. Does your Venetian Society Member's Statement in the My Silversea portal show a credit for the number of days of your first cruise that Silversea cancelled? If so, I will follow up with our Silversea rep to inquire. I just assumed you only became a VS member once you successfully completed your first voyage with Silversea.
  19. Our cruise was cancelled in June and we took a FCC and immediately booked another cruise, however we did not get VS credit for the days of the cancelled cruise. This was our first Silversea cruise and we assumed you only get credit if you have sailed before with Silversea and are officially a VS member. Does anyone know if this is correct?
  20. Our upcoming cruise on the Moon in March/April 2022 will be our first Silversea cruise and this post generated much helpful info regarding the reasons for price fluctuations. Sorry for my initial reply Reef Knot - I wasn't sure if prices were affected by exchange rates. It certainly pays to monitor your cruise online.
  21. Do you think it might have something to do with currency fluctuations? Doesn't Silversea set their fares at USD/CAD? Not sure, just a possible guess. Others on this forum who reside outside the US and Canada may know if they have noticed the prices going up and down depending on the exchange rates.
  22. Thanks Terry for providing this to all of us on this forum. Lois R was right - you've provided so much beneficial detail. Today was supposed to be the first day of our Galapagos cruise on the Origin, but alas, it was cancelled and next Saturday will be the official maiden voyage. We took our FCC and applied it to the 2022 Grand Med. Voyage. Alaska will follow. If we decide to add Canada to the voyage, this will push it to 2023, but that's ok. Thanks again.
  23. Thanks so much Lois R. I just found the link from TLCOhio where he did the full Alaska Trip on the Muse a few years ago. Will check it out.
  24. I agree with your comment cruiseej that the land tour to the Canadian Rockies are a trip in and of itself and probably should be saved for a future vacation. Silversea's land tours in Alaska start in Anchorage, offering five different itineraries to venture inward. Looking for feedback from anyone who has taken these Silversea land tours that are pre or post cruise.
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