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  1. I didn't think about that but, agree it would be good before hitting the islands. Been reading vaccinations are going better there now and I think this is what they wanted/needed. Happy to be heading to Maui on Sunday and will be interesting to see first hand how things are going there. This time we just need to download our vaccination cards to their health site, no testing (though testing doesn't seem that big a deal anymore to us..... guess we are just learning to live with covid)
  2. Yep, this would be the bad part of testing positive onboard. That's cool they will credit the days in isolation but, no mater what it would not be fun in isolation in a small cabin. It is what it is and think they are trying their best to get this industry up and running.
  3. Wow... your sense of adventure is on a totally different level than ours 🙂
  4. Pre-Pandemic, did Princess sell charters and cancel cruises? I know most every other cruise line did. Agree this always sucks for passengers already booked, I just assumed this happens now and again for Princess also?
  5. I'm not suggesting, just answering what passengers would do if they test sick at Pier. I agree 1000% this is how this virus keeps circulating in America. There is nothing set up to force someone into isolation or prevent them to go to a airport to board a plane and infect a bunch of other people. BTW, that was a frown face and not a smile face on my post
  6. And then passengers who test positive the morning of cruise throw a fit when their results are positive. If I ran a cruise line, I would do everything possible to eliminate any "day of the cruise drama" for employees (they shouldn't have to deal with customers that throw a fit once they learn they won't be cruising the morning of embarkation).
  7. Well, if it's out of CA and themed 80's I have a pretty good idea it might be fun 🙂 (just bringing back good memories...)
  8. This doesn't sound crazy to me at all and I wouldn't spend more than $100/pp/day for an upsell myself 👍
  9. Perfect example of why we all should read and ask about the small written details. As you see, Princess inclusive deal is so much better than NCL's. Good job!
  10. What I have been reading in their local news is that their vaccination rate has really gone up as their covid cases went up. They did a great job in closing boarders to keep the virus out but, once one case of Delta got in they couldn't hold it back anymore. We are hoping the "2022-2023 season will be open for cruising but, that does not include January 2022 which I say there is no way they open up in 4 months for cruising either vaccinated or not. It would be nice to hear from locals on their first hand opinions about this though.
  11. I just watched the video and had no idea we had such tests available. No mailing anything in, results are within 15 minutes they said. Now this is great news for us!
  12. Same as us, 2 full sea days until the ship hit the first port. Should have just turned around and flew home because my wife and I were so upset that we started to take it out on each other. Terrible memories
  13. Would not be surprised this will be extended all of next year also
  14. If you ever missed your cruise because the flight you took the day of embarkation was delayed, I promise you would never think of flying in the day of embarkation.... Trust me on this one😵. Worst experience we ever had on a vacation and wouldn't want anyone to have to go through what we did.
  15. google is your friend. Had a dozen hits there with that cabin # with pics Good luck
  16. Thank you very much for mentioning this. Noticed our Oct flights to OGG price had dropped to $188 RT so called and we now have a $420 credit with Southwest and our original flights still🙂 Cheers
  17. Sometimes bigger is not always better. But then again, I don't make Princess's decisions 🙂 I do however make my own consumer decisions and don't think I would book on that size of ship for an itinerary with lots of ports.
  18. Massages is what we use OBC for 🙂
  19. Agree that age and mobility would be a factor on either doing an group (Princess) tour vs. independent exploration. Either way, Italy is awesome to visit and enjoy the food and culture 🙂
  20. Yes, your browsing history is always tracked everywhere you go (even Princess site does it). Wait until you find out your cell phone is always listening and tracking you (when not even making a call...lol). Apologize for going off topic 🙂
  21. I'm totally lost with this.... Is it just a hypothetical question or are you really positive and on a freakin mission to travel hundreds of miles and expose everyone else with Covid?
  22. I'm not who you asked but, my wife got her booster last week and they did add the 3rd dose on her original card. I think there is one or two more spaces for additional vaccines on the original card also.
  23. Well, that is not true for some areas like San Francisco for example. Here is a big problem going forward for people like me who got the J&J in the US. J&J said they will not have anymore data for the FDA until end of year best case. In addition, I think only 7% of the US population received J&J thus there will not be anyone getting data regarding switching from vector to mRNA (UK had data but for some reason US is not looking at it to make a decision). Hindsight, I should have never listen to the CDC recommendation to get vaccinated with whatever vaccine was available when my appointment at. I should of held off for the golden standard of Pfizer 😞
  24. I'm hoping OP question was from being not aware of the fact that fully vaccinated can have as high (if not a little higher) viral loads than unvaccinated CDC report a week ago: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7031e2.htm This is sad news to most of us fully vaccinated hopes were that fully vaccinated would still have a small vial load (resulting in heard immunity) is they had a breakthrough case. Not so in the above report: Good news is most of us vaccinated will mostly have minimum symptoms (or non at all) if we have a breakthrough case. But, we can still spread the virus 😞
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