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  1. We missed Heimeny due to rough seas. This happens all the time.
  2. Also, if you are seated at the Viking Bar in the 1st floor or on a 7 hr excursion.
  3. We only had 2 bus trips - the rest were walking tours. The mask compliance was mostly good, but the guides aren't Viking employees; they are private contractors. Viking employees aren't allowed off the ship until the end of their contract.
  4. We only tendered once last week and the tenders are Viking Life Boats. There is no open deck. We missed Heimeny due to rough seas.
  5. Wander58, you won't be able to get off the boat without your tracker as you need your key card to be scanned and it would show that your tracker wasn't with you. I would also assume that your room steward would notice if your tracker was left in the room. We just put ours in a pocket unless we were on an excursion, then it went into out bags.
  6. Katy is the Cruise Director on Jupiter. Also, we missed Heimaey because of heavy swells making it too difficult to tender.
  7. We are on that flight next week - leaving today for Iceland. We planned a stop at the Blue Lagoon for a few hours instead of waiting for check in to open.
  8. No pre-testing requirements. Iceland discontinued the testing of inbound travelers on July 1st.
  9. We started masking 2 weeks before our upcoming cruise. Didn’t want to get exposed 5 days before we sail and maybe test positive day 1.
  10. So is the door open now? Or just part of the floor?
  11. Of course, only problem is getting your negative COVID test to get home to the USA. That would blow up the Iceland contract tracing system for everywhere you had been. Iceland has already seen several + COVID tests for potential departing passengers. This was a potential risk we discussed before booking this cruise.
  12. I’m certain that the situation was very fluid and not everyone had been back to their cabin to find it. As for the cruise on the 17th, I’m certain that it will go forward, just as the Bermuda Cruise did following their positive test a few weeks ago. I’m not understanding why a letter to July 10th passengers would reference anything about the subsequent sailings.
  13. Also just posted by @lazybrew on the Iceland LIVE feed just now.
  14. This press person runs a FB group for travel agents that I am a member of. I’m certain that Clay will post after his evening on board. If you are a member of the Facebook group called Viking River and Ocean Cruise Friends, the letter has been posted there.
  15. Their cruise is over on the 17th. Most will have flights home.
  16. I follow a press person who is on this sailing. There are approximately 25 of them on board. She posted the letter from the Chairman of Viking that will be given to guests.
  17. I follow a press person that is on this sailing and has been reporting.
  18. They have already said that they are getting a FCC voucher.
  19. Passengers will disembark on 7/17, with their negative COVID tests in hand and head home, the ship will be sanitized as stated in the Viking FAQs. The new passengers will board on the 17th and hopefully will experience a fantastic and uneventful cruise.
  20. Although, I just saw from one of the press traveling on this sailing that the passengers are being handsomely rewarded.
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