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  1. I saw someone ask about another ship. So is there any on the Dream?
  2. I hate when you have to do it 2 days before. We fly out tomorrow at 6
  3. I go next week, which cvs did you go to. I'm in arlington
  4. I'm on your cruise. I booked the train in the morning. It's cheaper to do on our own. I booked yesterday.
  5. I'm on carnival, sept 14th. Just didn't know if I missed something. Looking for new post of what it's like. I've already went to roll call.
  6. Where would I find Alaska forums?
  7. If I want to get ahold of them what phone # and ext would I call?
  8. I called and was told they will test on the ship
  9. Now mine said done. So went from done, not done to done again
  10. Where is Brooks Falls? Can you go from a cruise? How are you watching the falls?
  11. I want to Thank you for all your help. I got it. I hope I see you on the ship
  12. Ok, it came up today. I got it. Thanks everyone for the help
  13. I looked under Seattle and didn't see it. Was it for Sept 14?
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