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  1. Thank you for this GREAT INFORMATION! I am ordering these. We travel to Europe every year and once you have had your bags lost, you never want it to happen again. It will at least help!
  2. You can order a case of Water separately or upgrade to premium drink package... I do not drink Alcohol so I always order a case or 2 of Waters for my Suite in advance. I believe you can still do this on the ship.
  3. Have a Wonderful Cruise! Thank you for sharing! I saw the video fine, on iMac Pro
  4. @Flatbush FlyerThanks for the info. You can get a huge suite, much nicer than standard Haven, for approx. $5000.00 each, that is a GREAT DEAL. With Airfare, 6 bottle stocked bar with soft drinks and waters, FREE drinks or excursions and many others perks... Regular Balcony in the $2500 -3500, on a Luxury Ship! WOW! Have thought of O; But we maybe a tad young for the crowd (40's). We like a nice Gym with Spa and a Promenade, so a larger ship (NOT MEGA) fits us well. We do like Celebrity also, but they do not have as many European itineraries. Checked at Site: Is Riviera or Nautica the better Ship? Why is Marina not as highly rated?? Any insight much appreciated.
  5. What Ship and Date?? We Cancelled our cruise in 2021, because Israel is still closed to Tourists due to Covid in 2021. A few of us on our Roll Call determined it did NOT look likely to re open this year and Ncl was not being honest with information, as they still have Ports and Excursions listed for sale with no indication of possible non-entry into Israel for this cruise. If Israell does open to cruise tourists it was the consensus that it would be "Bubble Excursions"; ie. Italy, and that is not what we signed up for. So, we cancelled our B2B, very disappointed. Some in our group have re-booked for a similar cruise in April , but we are looking at a Northern Europe for May. Good Luck and Stay Well, hope you have a wonderful cruise.
  6. Here is what I do... Depending on what type of Vegetarian you are ( You do know there are different types of Vegetarians, right?) ...Try: Teppanyaki,, - the chef will mix you up a GREAT dinner - Tell him what you like...also Sushi Veggie Rolls! Mexican food - Los Lobos; Beans , guac , salsa , lettuce , chips/tortilla , peppers, etc.= a MEAL- DELICIOUS!! The Italian Place - Pasta : Pesto, Alfredo, Marinara... SAUCES= YUM Asian/Indian - In the Buffett; and tell the Food Manager he will set you up!! FAB! Love!! There are many choices - just be creative!! Haven does make it easier. Always bring Trail Mix from home! (They always have good Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat for Breakfast - Remember NO SUGAR - little honey; if she can have DAIRY - Yogurt and fruit for breakfast, also) I think the problem is some people are not an actual Vegetarian and do not know how to eat in a Meat eating world! (Not saying your daughter IS NOT a Vegetarian, She probably knows all of these things as she deals with them on a daily basis...)
  7. That is Exactly what I said and DID! I do not blame NCL I just wish they would be more forth coming and honest with information. But it is also easy for you to say; as it is only a 2 to 3 hour flight and VERY CHEAP, ours are much more expensive, some times MULTIPLE layovers ; getting in 1 to 2 days early with additional hotel stays due to flight cancellations and having to time our tests accordingly -- it is very difficult to travel overseas at this time .... with the possibility of being denied boarding when we finally arrive at the port. So cut us some slack!
  8. How is having an "Escort or Rep with you" On Your Own?????? They are just trying to hold out hoping regs will change by Cruise departure and ... You will NOT CANCEL... WE CANCELLED (Twice, and I am still upset about it. ) .. Because we felt they were withholding prior vital information and were being disingenuous with their clients. NCL is trying to get people past the final payment date or no cancel date, so clients have the choice of "Sail or Lose Fare". I was not going to take the chance and combine that with the possibility of Covid; 12 hour flight and then being denied boarding... I'm out. We were finding changes and information from other websites. NEVER ONCE from NCL and they were the company we were contracted with, that is unacceptable. Only when passengers started calling and demanding verification did they send out an e-mail confirming NCL only excursions and they are still trying to play semantics ... Well we already knew that. I know not everything is their fault; but they should have a DAILY update on the NCL website with changes and requirements to keep passengers informed. People know what is going on, they need the details. This is so very stressful and sooo NOT A VACATION!
  9. By your own admission: You do not know what you want, and cannot even describe what you want accurately (ie: I do not know the drinks to order); but you expect NCL to go above and beyond and deliver on command?? So, YES YOUR EXPECTATIONS ARE WAY OUT OF LINE. Do not go to the Steak House for Vegetarian Meals and expect them to be Fabulous. Get Appis and Sides. Eat in the Buffett. - I always find Vegetarian, NOT VEGAN, food. Actually pretty good, always check the Asian/Indian section. Italian for pasta (I don't eat pasta but my husband does, they mix it fresh) I have never drank alcoholic beverages .. Not a Problem. .. I do not make it a Problem. Celebrity or Regent would be a possible choice for you, but as picky and demanding as your wife sounds maybe you should charter a Yacht with a Private Chef then you could select all your meals and drinks accordingly. River cruises also have smaller dining options with Chefs.
  10. Well good for you, You are Correct !! One is in a US State and the Other is in a US Territory.
  11. I Love the EPIC Spa... If this is an ABC Cruise; I might seriously CONSIDER that one ..... BUT.... Right now; because of COVID and constant Regulation changes... (Just Cancelled 2 Europe Cruises B2B for the second time.. everyday another rule change) I would take the Breakaway out of New Orleans! Great Ship.
  12. NO..,, That is the point of the NCL Bubble Excursions...I was told NO LEAVING THE GROUP... But things can change by October... You should really read the regulations on NCL WebSite as to October Dates... And Regulations We cancelled our Cruises.... So NOT A VACATION!
  13. The HOP ON HOP OFF Bus Excursion has been deleted from some cruises/Italy ports.
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