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    Smelling and eating cheese
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    White Star Line
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    Where the is blue, blue water and white, white sand and a beach bar.

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  1. I'm booked on Encore for a 21-day Seattle to Miami ("ocean-to-ocean") Panama Canal cruise, Oct 23- Nov 13, 2022. So, it looks like this may be Encore's regular "gig"; Alaska (from Seattle) in the summers then reposition to Miami (via the Panama Canal) for the winters. On my booked cruise, Encore does make calls at multiple Mexican Riviera ports (Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, etc). That was another reason I booked the cruise; I've never cruised to the Mexican Riviera. Another rat, @HBCcruiser, won't take me with her (she cruises down there from LA regularly).
  2. That's right, rats like cheese, not slimy, uncooked creatures from the sea.
  3. No, it makes you have a lot of common sense.
  4. I think the testing requirement was to get back into the U.S.? (like rats of a feather, others can, and probably will, also correct me if I'm wrong 😎).
  5. Not a problem for married folks with 10+years (less time in some cases).
  6. Hey KennyFla, I've been following/reading your posts and you sound like Rat Pack material. If interested in joining us, just shoot me an e-mail at ; martycp60@gmail.com. @CaptainWoody
  7. Yeah, the District Brew House. That's what I was thinking about. I know RCI has their version, I just can't remember the name at the moment. That's cool 😎 that your daughter is old enough (of legal drinking age) to join you in a beer. My youngest son (Colin) turns 21 this August, so I'd love to do that with him. Wasn't able to do it with my older son (Ryan) who is now 23.
  8. A rat never goes back on his word. Unless he has a piece of cheese in his mouth.
  9. Hope you're right. I'm on the inaugural "Rat Pack" cruise; July 17-24, 2021 on Adventure of the Seas out of Nassau.
  10. I think Princess' strength is their Alaska CruiseTours. We did one a few years back on the now covid infamous Diamond Princess. Princess did a great job both on land and at sea. Heck, in Alaska Princess has their own train and multiple resort hotels in different Alaskan towns. With that said, outside of Alaska, Princess is not "on my radar" (electronic navigation pun fully intended).
  11. What's wrong with steerage? Looks like those folks know how to party. If steerage is good enough for Leo, it's good enough for meo;
  12. "Freestyle"? Please CaptainW, watch your language. This is a family forum not a rat hole. 😁
  13. Actually, in rough seas, when the bow pitches up, it levels your drink. Masterful design by NCL. 😁
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