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  1. I'm not on your sailing, but I booked a Studio in 2023. Let us know what you think of those cabins!
  2. Mike, I think I know what you mean. I'm not looking for a hook-up relationship, but it would be nice to have a male friend with similar interests with whom I could go to dinner, attend events, and dance.
  3. BLITZMA, my husband passed away almost 5 years ago, and our last cruise was in 2010 due to his health. I've really missed cruising, so I decided my upcoming 70th birthday was the perfect excuse to go to sea on my first solo cruise. I got a very good rate on a Celebrity's Edge Solo Infinite Verandah cabin doing an Eastern Caribbean itinerary. My goal is to be at sea and enjoy the shipboard experience. We only stop at 3 ports I've been to before, so I have no problem skipping shore excursions if need be. I got a spa pass for the entire cruise and booked dinner in Eden for my birthday with some of the generous OBC received. With that arranged, I followed up booking a Cunard cruise in August 2022 to the Norwegian Fjords during a 4th of July Sale requiring only a small refundable deposit. After reading many of the posts here for singles, I decided to put another small refundable deposit on NCL's Getaway in October 2023 (another birthday cruise) doing a Baltic cruise from Copenhagen that includes 2 days in St. Petersburg and a day in Estonia, which is one of my personal bucket list itineraries. Traveling Mike was one of those who posted positive comments about the NCL solo cabins, and getting that itinerary a a good price including air locked it in for me. In this case, one of my knitting friends with whom I've gone to many pre-Covid knitting events has decided to join me. We both booked the solo cabins, agreeing that we can't be sure what life will bring in 2 years, so if one of us cannot go, it won't impact the other's booking. My first solo cruise is now 53 days away, and I'm excited about this and hope I can continue to tick off my cruise bucket list.
  4. There are also solo cabins on Norwegian and Royal Caribbean ships.
  5. Is that maybe why my cruise on the Edge 10/23/21 is coming up as;; Your upcoming vacation 7-Night Undefined Departing October 23, 2021 On
  6. I booked NCL Getaway a few days ago, Studio cabin 30% off plus various perks, including 1/2 price airfare, sailing the Baltic R/T Copenhagen with 2 sea days and stops in Berlin, Estonia, St. Petersburg (overnight), Helsinki, and Stockholm, 10/17-26/2023. Deposit was only $125 and fully refundable. I booked air to arrive day before the cruise leaves and depart the day we come into port, with the hotel to be determined later.
  7. I'm a crafter as well and always take something to work on during my cruises. One time it was cross stitch, and the young Russian lady who took care of our cabin told me it was the most beautiful stitching she'd ever seen. At other times, I'd take my knitting and always have people stop to admire it. The one instance that really surprised me was a comment by an 80 year old woman who was one of our tablemates (I was 60 at that time). I knitted 3 pairs of socks during our 2 week Panama Canal Cruise, and she said, "Why bother making socks? You can buy them cheap in the stores!" My late husband spoke up and said, "I've never bought a pair of socks that felt so good on my feet as the ones she knits for me." I've booked my first solo cruises for 2021, 2022, and 2023, and you can bet I'll be bringing my knitting, crochet, and/or stitching with me on every one.
  8. Good to know, Mike. I'll keep that in mind for my solo cruise on the Queen Victoria next year.
  9. I've updated my plans for solo cruising 2021, 2022, and 2023. 10/23-30/2021 Celebrity Edge Single Infinite Veranda - 7 day Eastern Caribbean R/T Ft. Lauderdale 08/14-21/2022 Cunard Queen Victoria Inside - 7 day The Fjords R/T Southampton 10/17-26/2023 NCL Getaway Solo - 9 day Baltic w/overnight St. Petersburg R/T Copenhagen
  10. Thank you so much for this review! I'm sailing the Edge solo for my 70th birthday in October, and all of this is so helpful to me. I downloaded all the dailies and will make notes!
  11. I realized I meant the Studio Lounge, not Studio Suite. Anyway, I think the quarters may be too tight for my comfort.
  12. I'm wondering if the NCL Studio cabins would be too tight for someone with claustrophobia. I've only had a problem with that when I had an MRI, but I'd hate to book a cruise and have a similar response to tight quarters. My late husband and I booked an inside cabin years ago on RCCL's Sovereign of the Seas, and after one night I asked if there were any outside cabins available and got moved for only $50. I could have tolerated it, but that was 120 sq. ft., so 97 sq. ft. including shower seems tight. On the other hand, I've had absolutely no problem when I've booked an inside cabin on Cunard and Celebrity. I've seen a lot of comments saying NCL's Single Suite is great for solo travelers, and NCL seems to do a lot of my bucket list destinations at really great solo rates. Any input on your experience with these cabins will be greatly appreciated!
  13. OOPS! Cruise dates are Oct 23-30, 2021 for Celebrity and Aug 22-29, 2022 for Cunard.
  14. I decided it was time to travel again, so in mid-May I booked a Celebrity Edge Single Infinite Veranda cabin doing the Eastern Caribbean October 22-29, 2021. It's my birthday present to myself as I hit a milestone birthday. My late husband and I had sailed on Celebrity four times and enjoyed every sailing. The solo price was really good, and I ended up with some nice OBCs. On Thursday I got an email from Cunard announcing their 2021 Independence Day Sale. The next day I went under deposit for the Queen Elizabeth R/T Barcelona sailing August 23-30, 2023, with stops in Villefranche, Rome, Naples, and Majorca. The prices in this sale are the best I've seen for solo travelers on Cunard. This will be my second cruise with them, and I'm even more excited about that than my October trip. Needless to say, I'm hoping to start working down my bucket list of places I'd like to go to, and cruising is something I love, and a fairly safe way to travel solo!
  15. Absolutely, Coastcat! I'm quite interested to see how I like the Edge and the Infinite Verandah as well. As for the Thermal Suite, I had a pass to the Holland America Thermal Suite on a Panama Canal Cruise and really enjoyed that. The Edge version has so much more, so I'm sure I'll make good use of the 7 day pass.
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