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  1. Enjoying your review! Sorry your vacation got off to a rough start...just goes to show others that flying/driving in the day before is ideal- anything can happen! We sail her on 8/25 and will be driving down the day before.
  2. I called and got a 3 day extension and then called again in 2 days and got a week extension for both mine and my daughters reservations. HOWEVER, we had already paid approximately 85% and 70% respectively towards our bookings. That may make a big difference since you have only paid initial deposit. It's always worth a try though...call them.
  3. I've purchased them a couple of times. I really don't think they're worth the cost, but they're OK. I've decorated our door each time since and with items from the Dollar Tree, I do a lot better for a lot less! Happy sailing!
  4. Definitely not noon...closer to 3 or 4.
  5. My new port wish list includes Jamaica, Alaska, Dubai, Hong Kong, Rome, (and many other European ports) and Hawaii. I kind of want to see Bermuda but my family refuses (Bermuda Triangle stories).
  6. Thank you for coming back to update!! Have a great cruise!
  7. Suite guests also board before everyone else (after weddings, P&D).
  8. Thank you!! Just booked massage.
  9. Breakfast menu is still available. There is a separate door hanger menu.
  10. As with almost any reply on these boards, YMMV. WE still enjoy the show.
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