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  1. Is Cheers worth it? Is the Steakhouse worth it? Is the Che's table worth it? Another should I question that nobody can answer for you.
  2. Does anyone have any information of what will be done during the drydock. Is it engine work or refurbishment style things?
  3. Since we are only staying one night, we only need a clean and safe hotel. Can you recommend places that somewhat budget friendly and are within Uber distance to the port?
  4. I swear some of you are more interested in walking around with a pin to show that you are Diamond, than you are in having the cruise.
  5. JUST HAVING SOME FUN: I miss having my gratuities removed. I miss reserving a chair near the pool and then going to get an extra couple hours of sleep. I miss wearing a baseball cap to dinner on formal night. I miss reserving a whole row of seats at the shows. I miss smoking on my balcony.
  6. You are taking the 14th and making fit your views. Just like most people take the 2nd and twist it to allow people to have as many guns as they like. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed
  7. I am no Constitutional Scholar. But I just cannot find anything about Covid Vaccines in it.
  8. If you were the government of Malta and you had zero cases of covid on your island. Would you want a cruise ship with a confirmed case to dock at your port? I know it cost them financially, but in the long run, this is the safe play.
  9. What does the Pin look like when you reach Extra Super Pooper level?
  10. I agree that the programs are nice and should continue. My issue is the poster that begins with: "I am Gold / Diamond / Elite / Rare Earth" with XYZ Cruise line. These people seem to think they shouldn't have to see us lowly once or twice a year cruiser.
  11. I believe this to be great news. The chances of a cruise being shut down and returned to port is much less with only vaccinated passengers. Having a cruise cut short and the public relations nightmare that would follow could cripple the industry.
  12. I believe there is a portion of the "I'm not taking the vaccine" crowd that is the same people that would tell you night is light and day is dark. They have that "Karen" mentality that nobody knows anything more than they do. Even scientists that have been studying viruses for 30 year.
  13. A post from someone who says "I tip in cash because the cruise line keeps the money" in 3, 2, 1..go
  14. I do agree with you! The people who will not get the vaccine will find whatever reason supports them. First it was "the vaccine was rushed." Then they found out science had been working on this type of vaccine for over 20 years. So they moved on to "it is only approved for emergency use." Then it became "it does this, it does that."
  15. Can I wear shorts in the MDR? Can I reduce my tips? Where are the smoking areas? Can I share my drink package? Please people, stop with the questions that nobody has an answer to yet. You act line the cruise lines know everything and are keeping it a secret. The science and resulting answers are evolving and will continue to evolve. Best way to ensure no masks would be to convince your anti vaxx friends to submit to the science and get the vaccine.
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