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  1. So as I see it . From UK. Test is not compulsory but if found positive at the port boarding will be denied and cost will be down to the individual . But if I have a self test and is negative and I recieve a certificate from a govt recommended site then ncl will just ignore it and test me anyway . I sail jade on Sunday
  2. Hi . I am from the UK and have been all over this and other cruises around Europe. From a personal point of view I am on 5th Sept sailing and there is nothing that will stop me making this cruise. I appreciate people's concerns about covid and if you are apprehensive then probably best not to go . But everything has been done to ensure safety from covid . You are safer onboard than on land as at least you know everyone around is double vaccinated. As long as you do the right things you should be OK. As for the fires . None are where the ship sails to . Olympa was cancelled on 1 cruise but they are back there now. They are on top of the other fires my guess is within a week you won't here of them . Hope you decide to travel but if not keep safe
  3. How do I find out about bidding for an upgrade on my cabin . I have read a lot about people bidding etc but cannot work out how I go about this I am sailing 5th September on jade . Thanks in advance
  4. I believe Adam from cruise critic is on board so we should expect something at some point
  5. Have they mentioned anything regarding face masks
  6. Have they mentioned anything regarding facemasks to your cruise
  7. Thanks for that. Did you REALLY need to post a nothing comment . People use these forums to gain advice and insights into their cruises. You took time to read my post and still you felt that you would post a comment that helps noone Why?
  8. Does anyone know how many passengers are likely to be aboard jade on her first few sailings
  9. Does anyone know how many passengers are actually travelling on the first cruises on jade
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